The Importance Of Automation Guarding Systems In The Workplace

The Importance Of Automation Guarding Systems In The Workplace

May 13, 2022, 9:32:58 AM Business

Safety in the workplace should be of paramount importance to any business. But, safeguarding employees can be complicated as there is a fine line between protecting and mothering. Fortunately, many of the processes can now be automated.

Start With Risk Analysis

No workplace is completely safe. It’s vital that those in management take the time to assess potential risks and decide the safest method of proceeding. Remember, an unsafe workplace means employees are at risk of injuries. That’s not just detrimental to your workforce and production capabilities, it is also damaging to your reputation.

The good news is that it’s easy to assess each role and look at the functions that should be performed. This will allow you to assess risks and implement the best possible solutions to keep employees safe.

It is worth noting that consulting with the employees can be beneficial, they know their roles best.

Automation Guarding Systems

Some risks need to be identified and controlled via the use of common sense and a reasonable approach to getting the work done.

But, there are some dangers that can be nullified simply by adding the right automation guarding systems. These are particularly applicable to high-risk or highly dangerous areas, that’s places where you need to carefully control who goes in and out. In some instances, these areas can be completely automated, meaning no one needs to go in or out.

The simplest solution is modular mesh panels. These are specifically designed to make climbing over them virtually impossible. Part of this security is down to the number of anchoring points used.

Best of all, the panels are designed to be fit and combined at any angle, allowing you to create the exact shape you need.

Good automation guarding systems are designed to meet current OSHA regulations, which means they will comply with EN ISO 14120.

It should be noted that there are two main options to consider when adding security meshes:


If the area to be secured is dealing with heavy loads your concern should be the falling of those loads and the potential danger it causes. High impact fencing protects anyone inside and outside the area.

Speed of assembly

Should your main concern be the speed of assembly you’ll want to opt for the slightly weaker but still functional fast assembly fencing. It will still protect your employees and the area and is especially useful if you need to change the area location frequently.

Lone Working

It’s important to consider lone workers when instigating safety procedures in the workplace. The more automated production becomes the fewer workers which are needed to control, monitor and maintain the machinery. If you have people working alone you need to ensure there is a system to monitor them.

That means checking in on them regularly and giving them a way to contact you in an emergency. It doesn’t just make them safer, it could literally save lives. That’s a lawsuit you certainly want to avoid.

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