Things To Remember When Looking For A Presentation Designer

Things To Remember When Looking For A Presentation Designer

Mar 6, 2019, 1:57:39 PM Business

Presentations are an integral part of many sectors, including business, academe, public service, medicine, and more. They are delivered for many reasons such as to provide information, to report updates, to persuade an audience, or to convey a commentary.

To deliver an effective presentation, good public speaking skill isn’t enough. It has to be complemented by an effective visual presentation, such as PowerPoint slides or any other presentation software tools.

The fact is that humans are highly visual beings. We respond to graphical cues better than any sensory stimulus. According to a 2014 study conducted by MIT neuroscientists, the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. The best public speakers leverage on this innate characteristic of humans to communicate messages more effectively.

However, making a visual presentation isn’t that simple. It is more than just displaying on screen what you are talking about, or compiling graphics and slides without any thought. A graphic presentation has to be relevant, follows a logical sequence, and visually attractive.

Creating and designing powerful and highly successful presentation is a unique field – and professionals are specializing in it. They are known as presentation designers.

So, if you need to deliver an excellent presentation but lack graphic design skills, don’t worry, because they got your back.

To help you find a reliable presentation designer, make sure you put these three things in mind.

1. Don’t equate a presentation designer with a graphic designer

Although both of these professionals are in the field of graphic arts, they have a completely different set of skills and experience. A graphic designer creates visuals for various purposes, such as for marketing, webpage, print ads, etc. However, these professionals work only on one artistic output.

Meanwhile, a presentation designer needs to study and understand the complete thought and message the presenter wants to convey. This will help him come up with a logical sequence of visual aids that will be shown to emphasize certain parts of the talk.

2. Choose a presentation designer willing to work with you

An expert from PresentationGeeks emphasized the importance of collaborative effort in designing powerful visuals. The presenter must be involved throughout the design process to ensure that the graphics reflect the content of the speech. The designer should also be open to suggestions and criticisms. Ask if revisions will be charged additional fees or if the service covers them.

The visuals must follow the pace of the speaker and not the other way around. Not involving the customer in the design process can be disastrous. Instead of adding value to the presentation, it might become a source of distraction.

3. Knowledge of different presentation applications

The golden rule is that the designer must adapt to the customer’s request. You want to work with a provider who is adept with the presentation software tool that you are comfortable using. For sure, you don’t want to hire someone who insists on creating a presentation on the application he or she wants.

Take note that there are other software programs you can use aside from PowerPoint. These apps can be used for different types of audiences.

Keep these three things in mind when looking for a presentation designer and you will never go wrong.


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