Things You Need to Know for Every Hydro Excavation Contractors

Hydro Excavation Contractors

Things You Need to Know for Every Hydro Excavation Contractors

Oct 12, 2020, 9:24:30 AM Tech and Science

Hydro excavation is a new technology that is slowly paving its way towards the construction industry. This involves using a high-powered vacuum excavating machine for digging underground, locating buried utilities. This is one of the optimum pipeline solutions that gives you many great benefits, but only if you have the right contractors to work with. 

So, what are the things you need to learn about hydro excavation contractors to make sure you hire the ones most suitable for your project? Read on to find out!


Choosing the Best Hydro Excavation Contractors

You shouldn’t choose the first construction company you see that offers hydro extraction services. With the many different companies now starting to provide such equipment, it’s best that you take time to do your research. Here are the factors to consider when selecting the best contractors for the job:


1.Safety Record


The contractors you work with need to have proven safety records, which is an absolute must! This record should also be in public for everyone, including you, to review. When inquiring, ask about the contractor’s safety records, as well as other required documents such as licenses and business permits. 


Doing so will ensure that you are dealing with reputable businesses and experienced people. It also avoids any legal issues if something goes wrong.


With a company that has a good safety record, you are ensured that the people you work with will get the job done with safety in mind. This prevents any accidents and injuries, whether major or minor. It also shows that the business cares for its customers and people.

2.Customer Service


When inquiring and talking with contractors, take note of their attitude and the way they communicate with you and other customers. Your chosen contractors should have excellent customer service, putting you first, and doing their best to accommodate all your needs and meeting deadlines.


They should also be able to work swiftly when any issues arise, and to meet all the expectations and goals of the customers, giving them the results they want. Furthermore, reputable contractors would always be available to communicate with for updates and queries, answering professionally and with transparency.


You can find out how good the customer service of a contractor is based on genuine reviews from previous clients, or from recommendations within your network. Doing so will also help you know what to expect from contractors, and how to job will be performed.

3.Proper Training

Besides high-quality equipment and experience, your chosen contractors should also have up-to-date training. Training doesn’t stop; employees will continue learning from new equipment and techniques within the construction industry, beyond experience from past projects. 


You wouldn’t want to hire people who don’t know how to operate the newest equipment, wouldn’t you? Make sure you select contractors who have had recent training specific to hydro excavation services and the equipment they use. This would ensure better safety and smooth operation. 


Preparing for Hydro Excavation Contractors

Once you have the right people to work with, what should you do to prepare for the team? Here are some tips to follow:


  • Make sure that your ground is prepared for excavation, marking the parts you need to be excavated throughout the course of the service. You can use flags or other markers, and to also clear out the area surrounding the site. This saves time when the contractors get there since they require room to park the excavation equipment and move dirt. 
  • Hydro excavation is less time-consuming and intrusive, but you shouldn’t be working on electrical projects or any other potentially hazardous ones during the service. Don’t schedule your excavation services during the times you have electrical work to be done.
  • Projects like these don’t always go perfectly and as planned. You need to prepare ahead and have plan B’s, based on any potential changes and scenarios. Discuss this with your contractors to avoid any unexpected situations that would have you waste time and money in the long run.


Wrapping It Up

Hydro excavation is an exciting and modern invention that can be helpful for landscaping, exposing utilities, among other construction needs for homeowners and businesses. But if you want a smooth project ahead, you need to make sure you don’t only hire the right people, but plan ahead for success.


Hopefully, you learned a lot about selecting the right contractors and what to do after choosing your people. Now, you can begin narrowing down your options to start your hydro excavation project as soon as possible! Good luck.

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