Time to Get Started With Spring Cleaning

Time to Get Started With Spring Cleaning

May 10, 2020, 7:57:24 AM Life and Styles

As the chill of winter goes away and we welcome the warm weather of spring, you might find yourself wanting to throw open those windows and let the pleasant springtime air circulate throughout your house! 

Winter often leaves us feeling dreary and less energized. This is because the darker days of winter mean we’re not exposed to as much sunlight, therefore increasing our levels of melatonin (the hormone that makes us sleepy) and lowering our levels of serotonin (the hormone that gives us a mood boost). 

Therefore, when the days start to get sunnier and you start spending more time outside, you might find yourself getting more energized! It is time to put that energy to good use and do some springtime cleaning! Cleaning your house of that stale winter air and dust will feel great! 

Tackle every room

As you start your spring cleaning, don’t leave any room untouched! Make a list of each room and what needs to be done. This is the time to do those tasks you normally overlook, such as dusting your ceiling fans, cleaning your blinds, and wiping down your baseboards. Another area that is frequently overlooked in the home is light fixtures. Take the time to dust each light fixture, wipe down lampshades, and replace bulbs that have gone out. 

Wash those windows

Spring is an excellent time to clean your windows, both inside and out. You’re going to be spending plenty of time opening and closing your windows to allow that beautiful spring air into your house, so give your windows some attention! Interior windows can be wiped down with a glass-surface cleaner and a rag. For exterior windows, you can use a hose or a pressure washer. You may also need a ladder to reach second-floor windows. 

Vacuum the upholstery

If you have upholstered furniture, now is the time to vacuum up all that dust and allergens that are lurking on and below the surface. You might not realize just how dirty your couch and recliner are! Most vacuums come with a special attachment that can be used to vacuum upholstery. If needed, you can also vacuum your curtains! However, it might be easier to take your curtains down completely and throw them in the wash. 

Deep clean kitchen appliances

Is your oven full of grease? Well, it is time to clean it! While deep cleaning kitchen appliances isn’t very fun, if you do it every season, it will help keep maintaining your appliances easier. Not to mention, clean appliances last longer! You’re going to want to clean out the insides of your oven, microwave, fridge, and another smaller appliance you might have (such as toasters). Don’t forget to move your fridge and clean behind it!

Declutter the bedroom

Nobody likes a cluttered bedroom! If your bedroom is full of unwanted clothes and unnecessary knickknacks, take the time to get rid of the items you’re no longer using. The best way to declutter a room is to sort items into three piles - keep, donate, and maybe keep. If you’re unsure of whether to donate or keep something, put it in the maybe keep pile. If you don’t use the item after a month, donate it. 

Take care of the carpets

Even if you vacuum your carpet weekly, allergens and dirt still get trapped in the deep fibers of your carpet. Once a year or so, you should do a deep clean with a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner can get rid of the grime that is lurking underneath the surface. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, consider professional carpet cleaning instead. The cleaning company will have the right tools to get the job done. 

Put away the winter items

Finally, if you haven’t already, put away any decorations that remind you of winter! Christmas lights and snowman statues should be put away until next year. Start getting out your spring and summer items instead. You may also want to redecorate portions of your house. For example, if you normally use dark blue couch pillows, you might consider freshening things up with a pair of lovely pastel pink pillows instead. Get rid of winter colors and bring in spring colors!

Final thoughts 

Spring cleaning is an excellent way to chase those winter blues away and get ready for warmer weather! Before you know it, you’ll be spending your evenings lounging outside by the pool in the evenings! Coming inside to a nice, clean home will make you happy that you took the time to deep clean in the spring.


Published by Samantha Brown

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