5 Tips for a Successful WeFunder Campaign

5 Tips for a Successful WeFunder Campaign

Oct 19, 2021, 10:02:55 AM Business

Many investors leverage crowdfunding to raise money for their companies. WeFunder is one of these crowdfunding sites, used by over 1.2 million investors. The platform democratizes investing for the general public, giving them the chance to own a part of your company by investing as little as $100. 

WeFunder not only helps you with funding but also with investing advice from their Lead Investors program. The platform allows companies to raise as much as $5 million yearly under Regulation Crowdfunding. There’s also the option for raising unlimited funding with a Regulation D. WeFunder can take your startup to the next level. However, there are some basic tips worth following to maximize the funding during a WeFunder campaign. 

1 - Stay active and engage with your network

Investments won’t come out of anywhere. You have to leverage your network. Invest into the relationships you have with other investors and business partners using LinkedIn, email, or meetups. Show them what are you preparing to do and encourage them to share and engage with your content, before and after launch. 

This is a must during all-time for a business owner, but you should put more emphasis on it during crowdfunding campaigns. Getting your message spread across from your network can be more valuable than a direct investment. 

2 - Connect with storytelling 

Every startup has a story. You want your story to be told in an honest and engaging way. Storytelling holds so much power and if done right you can trigger many people to invest in your company. Get good copywriters to write your WeFunder page and social media content, emails, and outreach scripts. 

Another important aspect of storytelling is transparency and honesty. Refrain from using tricks to make prospective investors trust you more. Instead, be transparent and use stories told by you, your team, or investors and customers to draw attention to your WeFunder campaign. Emphasize the solution your product or service offers, and encourage investors to believe in your long-term vision. 

3- Dedicate time to Pre-Launch properly

The pre-launch phase is very important to create buzz around your product. Here’s where you must leverage storytelling and connections to make your launch intriguing and inviting. Create a small list of investors that are guaranteed to invest before you launch. When people see that you’ve acquired investments they’re more likely to invest. 

Don’t forget about family members and friends. Even if they don’t invest, they can help to build hype for your brand by sharing your crowdfunding campaign with their network. Reach out to them and other potential customers you know. You may even offer special discounts on products if they share your campaign. 

4 - Maximize the use of social media

Depending on the niche of your service or product, pick those social media platforms where your audience stays. WeFunder is about bringing the general public to support ideas they love, and the majority of these people can be found through social media. 

Research which platform has your potential customers. Is it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat? Or it is specifically LinkedIn? Once you study the stats and figure it out, structure your message and start testing different approaches to get their attention. 

5 - Keeping the pace

By the end of your first week after launch, you should’ve reached to raise 30% of your main crowdfunding goal. Generating enough buzz and doing the pre-launch right can get you there, but no matter how far you get, it’s important you keep the momentum. 

Create a long-term plan that includes content distribution, media outreach, and continual networking with potential investors. Search influencers on your niche and cooperate with them to enforce the voice of your brand. Utilize the stats you have achieved so far to be more compelling. They’ll definitely join when they see how much capital is raised so far.

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