Tips for Saving and Getting Money to Finance Your Business

Tips for Saving and Getting Money to Finance Your Business

Tips for Saving and Getting Money to Finance Your Business

Oct 1, 2021, 8:29:48 AM Business

Do you need money for your business? Whether you're looking to finance a new project or take care of an emergency expense, it can be tough finding the funds. Money lending services and moneylenders offer quick access to capital for people who need it. You can check out here about one of Singapore's recognized licensed money lending agencies, QV Credit.

If you are a business owner who needs some money to start or grow your business, this article is for you. In it, we will discuss the benefits of getting a loan from a money lending service and how easy it is to get one. We'll also give you some tips on saving money so that you can generate revenue without needing financing at all!

How can I save and earn money for my business?

When you're saving money for your business, you need to be sure that the funds are readily available when they're needed. You don't want to have all of your savings tied up in an account where it may take some time (weeks or months) before you can access them. Here are some ways you can perform to save and earn money for your business:

Start a Side Hustle

The first helpful tip you can do is start a side hustle. By starting or putting up your own business on the side, you will be able to earn some money and invest it in yourself as well as your company. This could include offering freelance services or creating products that people might want to buy from you. You just have to identify something that sets you apart from those around you and find a way to monetize it (i.e., turn it into an income-generating activity).

Reduce your cost of living

You might want to also consider reducing your cost of living so that you have more money to save or invest. For example, you can live in a smaller house and drive an older car. Also, avoid taking on too many expenses like memberships to clubs or buying expensive clothing items every month. While these things might be necessary now, they are just another form of spending that takes away from what you could use toward investing in yourself later on down the road.

Apply for small business grants

A great way to save money for your business is by applying for small business grants. Many organizations offer to fund to businesses who might not get it from their bank or other usual sources of finance (i.e., family and friends).

Sell stuff you no longer use

If you have several old clothes, books, DVDs and other junk taking up space in your home – it might be time for some spring cleaning! Clean out the clutter and then take pictures of everything that's left. List these items on an online classifieds site. Once sold, put those funds toward something more useful!

Make a budget

It is important to make a budget and find ways on how you can save money. This can help maintain your business afloat and ensure that you have enough for what you need next month, as well as the months beyond that.

Where can I get or loan money for my business?

Starting a business can be risky and quite a challenge, especially when it comes to raising capital for your business. Many people look at their local bank in the hopes of getting a loan but often come away disappointed because they don't meet the requirements or simply can't get approved.

If you plan to put up a business or need some extra funds for your business, then the following financial institutions listed below can help you with that:


Your business has the potential to improve and become successful, but you need capital to establish it. With moneylenders come in handy when your bank denies your loan application.

A moneylender is a financial institution that provides money to people in exchange for an agreement of repayment within the predetermined period. These are basically small-ticket loans where you can borrow up to $20,000 or more if your credit score allows it. Some providers offer shorter terms when compared with banks.


Another way to obtain money for your business is by borrowing it from your local bank. For instance, if you are an owner of a retail store, then there is more chance that the bank will approve of your loan application than when applying with moneylenders. Although bank loans have higher interest rates, they also come with more benefits, such as lower collateral requirements, making it easier for you to obtain money.

Credit cards

Lastly, another way to obtain capital for your business is through credit card loans. A lot of people turn to their credit cards because it's one of the easiest options available, but what they don't know is that once approved, this can be dangerous in terms of paying off its balance on time and taking advantage while interest rates are still low.

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