Top 11 Biggest Mistakes Made After A Car Accident

Top 11 Biggest Mistakes Made After A Car Accident

Mar 29, 2022, 9:30:35 AM Business

After an accident, any action that you take can have a huge implication on your case. Many people do not understand this, but a simple decision to leave your car the accident scene can lead to evidence distortion and affect your personal injury claim process. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you should never make after an accident.

1.      Failing to contact a lawyer immediately

Failing to contact a personal lawyer immediately can hinder the process of gathering enough evidence needed in the court or by the insurance company.  A lawyer can help to safeguard the evidence from any form of distortion. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, there are many Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys that address all your queries with regard to claim and contributory negligence.

2.      Admitting your fault

After an accident, do not rush into agreeing to take the blame or offering to compensate for the mistake. Apologizing or being remorseful can be considered an admission as being on guilty. Wait until a police officer comes, evaluate the situation, and determine the reason behind the accident.

3.      Abandoning the scene of the accident

Even when you are in a hurry, never leave your vehicle at the accident scene. Abandoning your vehicle can allow the other party to manipulate the scene in their favor. If you should go, have a friend wait until the police arrive.

4.      Failing collect evidence

In this age of technology, it is advisable to document the accident. You choose to take pictures and videos of the scene. Having your evidence can help the attorney carry on with the case even when the scene is distorted.

5.      Failing to see a doctor

Always see a doctor for a health checkup and a comprehensive medical report. Apart from recording the external injuries, a doctor will test and evaluate internal organs and include them in your medical report.

6.      Lying to the attorney

Lying to your attorney can affect the ability to make a strong case from the accident. Never present  distorted evidence from your accident. Wrong evidence can ruin your chances of winning the case. 

7.      Failing to monitor your expenses after the accident

After an accident, record every expense because it can help in the calculation of your compensation amount. The record of your expenses can enable the insurance company to prepare the right compensation amount.

8.      Failing to file a claim immediately

Do not delay filing your claim immediately after the accident. as it can slow the process later. Failing to file a personal injury claim immediately can lead to delays in processing your compensation. Additionally, it can force you to access a compensation amount below what you are supposed to get.

9.      Selecting a wrong lawyer

There are different Lauderdale Car Accident Attorneys that you can choose to present your injury claim.  Take the time to read the profile of different layers before you can hire one for your case.

10.  Posting on social media

Do not rush to post pictures of your accident on social media. Some people may demoralize you with mean comments. The negative comments can affect your mental status. A stable mind can increase your ability to focus on the entire personal injury claim process.

11.  Accepting compensation 

Do not accept quick compensation before the entire process of a personal injury claim is completed. Early compensation can be a strategy to entice you to avoid pursuing the case.

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