Two tech bloggers and a family review Molekule air purifiers

Two tech bloggers and a family review Molekule air purifiers

Jan 21, 2021, 10:27:47 AM Life and Styles

Thanks in large part to the extensive western wildfires throughout the Western states, air quality has deteriorated overall for many, especially those with respiratory problems, such as asthma. Not surprisingly, air purifiers are in high demand, but choosing the best ones can be a challenge. Molekule’s line of air purifiers combines high tech and modern methods into groundbreaking technology called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) designed to destroy a wide variety of pollutants. Instead of simply trapping pollutants, such as allergens, into filters, PECO technology actually destroys viruses, molds, VOCs, bacteria and other allergens and pollutants on a microscopic scale, with results verified by independent third-party labs, according to the company’s white papers.

The Molekule facility produces four types of air purifiers for meeting many needs: Air, Air Pro (which is designed for larger spaces up to 600 feet), Air Mini and Air Mini+. Families as well as well as those working from home wanting better home office indoor air quality have favorably reviewed Molekule air purifiers. Reading through reviews can be time-consuming, but luckily for you three reviewers – the mom of a large family with an asthmatic child and two tech YouTubers, have each posted their own Molekule review.

Bre Miller, of Meet the Millers family “vlogging” channel on YouTube, reports that as a mom of five, including a child with asthma, clean air is important to her, especially after getting dogs. They bought an Air for the family room and an Air Mini for a bedroom. In her Molekule review, Miller points out how easy the devices are to set up and use, with their sleek modern design.

Air is their flagship product, and is designed for rooms up to 60 square feet, and contains a Pre-Filter intended to filter out larger particles such as dust before being purified through the PECO processes. It comes with a leather handle for portability and is enabled for both iOS and Android apps to allow changing settings from your phone.

Tech YouTube guru Andru Edwards, whose channel Gear Life reviews consumer electronics designed to improve the quality of life. Listening to his Molekule review of the Air Mini+ will take you through all aspects of the product specifications, size and portability as well as explanations of the PECO technology behind the product.

The Air Mini+ features a particle sensor to detect the amount of particles in the air, and when in Auto Protect mode, uses that information to optimize the unit’s fan speed for more efficient purification. PECO works by air passing through the high-efficiency pouter layers trapping larger particles and slowing VOCs. From that point the process is activated by a UV-A light inside the unit to destroy pollutants at the molecular level.

Edwards reports that another plus for the Air Mini+ is its size: at just 12 inches high and weighing 7.3 pounds with a stylish handle, it can be easily carried from room to room wherever it’s needed as well as sized for convenient travel take-along.

The Air Mini+ is the first and only Molekule air purifier that can be connected to the Apple Home Kit, controlled through either the Apple Home app or through Siri. The Air Mini+ is also app-enabled for Android and iOS to allow for easy control from all supported mobile devices.

Finally tech YouTuber Andy Tran demonstrates the setup and other features of the Air Mini, which is designed for rooms up to 250 square feet, as he discusses the various features of the purifier in his Molekule review video. 

In his video, Tran’s focus is on three main product qualities that he likes most: easy use, modern design and the PECO technology. He points out how the unit’s sleek design doesn’t compromise on functionality and 360-degree air intake, with a handy cable management system and felt handle for moving the device around where needed.

During the video, Tran unwraps then attaches the filter to the base of the Air Mini, twisting and locking it in place. After plugging it in, he pushes a button and begins to instantly purify the air.

He ends by focusing on the PECO technology, which is what won his endorsement. The device’s ability to actually destroy molds, viruses and other pollutants is what he calls an industry “game changer.”

Published by Samantha Brown

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