4 Types of Abuse and their Effects on Mental Well-Being

4 Types of Abuse and their Effects on Mental Well-Being

Apr 25, 2022, 3:15:57 PM Life and Styles

One of the most common curses of the present era is abuse. Despite being frequent, understanding abuse is still a difficult task. Not everyone who faces abuse can analyze what is done to them until the consequences become unbearable. Physical abuse can get the victim physically and mentally exhausted before realizing the type and intensity of the abuse. You or any close one may face physical or mental abuse at any stage of life without even acknowledging what is happening to you. To prevent such a situation, you and your beloved ones need to know the types of abuse, their ill effects, and ways to overcome their traumatizing outcomes. It will help to save yourself or anyone suffering from abuse. 

Below is a brief account of some common types of abuse prevalent in every society.

Physical Abuse 

Physical abuse is the most prominent form of abuse worldwide. It is the blatant use of force and coercion to humiliate or control someone in a specific way. This form of abuse marks the presence of wounds and injuries on the victim’s body in an attempt to dominate the sufferer without consent. It is common in households, offices, markets, roadsides, and public or private places. However, physical abuse is a stereotyped issue at the domestic level. It is generally called domestic violence and is the most pervasive matter in intimate relationships. Beating, throwing objects, choking, and using weapons, are some forms of physical abuse. It may seem an entirely personal affair between two partners, but the need of the hour is to condemn it openly. It is because physical abuse can leave scars on the mind and soul of the victim. As per the research studies, women are at a higher risk of falling prey to it, and it is known to be the core cause of depression and anxiety in the victims. Not only this, but the social and work-life of the sufferers are also affected adversely. If you or any peer is a physical abuse victim, you must immediately report to the nearest harassment cell. Also, if you know anyone suffering from the aftereffects of abuse, you may contact social workers to help them out.

Emotional Abuse

As the name indicates, emotional abuse is the kind of harassment that does not necessarily require physical contact, yet it damages a person’s confidence, worth, and esteem. It is one of the most diminishing forms of abuse that can leave long-lasting impacts on the victim’s mind. The body may start malfunctioning because of impaired emotional health. It can occur after isolation, threatening, gaslighting, intimidation, silent treatment, and blackmailing. In addition, you may experience emotional disturbance due to disregarded needs and wants, prolonged arguments, and criticism. These factors develop an inferiority complex in you or your victimized peer with the thought of never being enough. Such people lose their healthy traits and may become incompetent in all domains of life. To avoid this, you can seek assistance from counseling centers where well-trained social workers can help you come out of the trauma. Additionally, removing the toxic people from your life can save you from distress.

Sexual Abuse

Among all the types of abuse, sexual abuse is the most ferocious form. It is the forced performance of sexual activity without a person’s will. Though women are more prone to sexual abuse, men too are tormented. Surprisingly, children make the massive ratio of sexually assaulted victims. The reports suggest rape to be the customary kind of sexual abuse. Yet, it can appear in other forms like compelled pornography, forced sharing of nudes, and unwelcomed intercourse. You need to be aware of these aspects as you or any beloved one can encounter such circumstances. The worst part of sexual violence is the adverse reactions in the body and mind after getting abused. The victim, without any crime, faces the effects like anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and sexual dysfunction. Above all, the person may never be able to believe in good relationships and trust bonds. In extreme cases, the victim may also develop uninterrupted suicidal thoughts. If you are a survivor of sexual assault or know any victims, you must contact the sexual assault helpline to get support from trained staff confidentially.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is the overlooked kind of abuse about which no one bothers. Taken for granted in the past, it was a common practice. But people are well-aware of its adversities nowadays due to widespread knowledge in this area. Financial abuse develops when one partner takes hold of all the money and deprives the other partner of it. In other words, the victim lacks funds to fulfill the basic needs of life. Also, the victim is not allowed to avail of any employment opportunities. It makes the assaulted person financially reckless and dependent upon the other partner. The impact of financial assault can leave long-term effects on the mental well-being of the victims. The abused one feels trapped and suppressed with no freedom to enjoy the minor things around. Many people are now confronting this affair one way or the other. It is one of the reasons that victims are mentally stressed, and some are on the verge of quitting their relationships and even life. If you also meet such conditions in your life, you should take immediate steps to prevent yourself from getting mentally and physically tense.

Wrap Up

There exist several waves of abuse that prevail in nearly every society. The term ‘abuse’ is associated with women, but unfortunately, it has taken men and children in its spell too. The community suffers badly even when one member succumbs to assault. The moral fabric of society and community gets threatened in a way that no one can revert. In such circumstances, everyone needs to know about the dangers of abuse and ways to prevent or overcome them. In order to protect yourself from the harms of abuse, awareness is the need of the hour. Consulting expert guidelines from a very early age can reduce the assault ratio by almost one-half. 

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