Ward off Stress with Art Therapy

Art therapy

Ward off Stress with Art Therapy

Apr 14, 2021, 11:38:22 AM Creative

Feeling Blue? Then it’s time you consider art therapy. Art therapy is a term that refers to engaging in art activities to relax the mind. A growing number of art therapists are hired in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and treatment programs to deal with various mental, behavioural issues. 

But, it should be kept in mind that if you are having symptoms of anxiety, stress or any other form of mental struggles, consider going to the doctor immediately before symptoms get worse. The doctor may prescribe antidepressants to ease off the symptoms. You can buy prescription online at better discounts. Remember, medical intervention is necessary in case of mental health struggles before consequences get worse. 

Benefits of Art Therapy

According to a study published in the Journal of American Art Therapy, you can reduce stress by indulging in just 45 minutes of any creative activity regardless of talent or artistic experience. Here are some benefits which art therapy provides.

·   A form of self-care

Taking a few minutes from your daily routine to indulge in a hobby can give you many benefits. An art activity can leave you feeling relaxed and you will have a solid result after the activity in form of your artwork. 

  • Tap into a "state of flow"

When you are deeply engrossed in an activity, it can be quite therapeutic. Just like meditation, the creative flow you experience while engrossed in an art activity can improve your cognitive performance and lower the stress level. 

  • Distract your mind

You can take a break from thinking about your problems for a while, with art creation. After you engage in any art activity whether it is playing an instrument, painting, colouring or any other form of art, you will feel a little bit relaxed.

  • Gives a new perspective

Sometimes, art therapy gives a fresh perspective to your problems and you may get new ideas while you have been practising art. You may even end up solving your problems through art therapy. 

Here are a few suggestions for art activities you can do. 

1.    Cut and paste a collage

Take a pair of scissors, copies of old newspapers and let your imagination run wild. You can make a great piece of art by making a collage and it can be very therapeutic as well. 

2.    Make a dream journal

A dream journal is very useful in highlighting your life pattern. You may write your imaginations, thoughts, wishes and everything you can think of. A dream journal will help you reminisce about areas of your life which need your attention. 

3.    Draw what you feel.

Draw away your stress. Making drawings of what is stressing you out, can help you express your emotions that may be difficult to write or speak. 

4.    Start colouring

Colouring is not just for kids. Nowadays, adult colouring books are all the rage. You can buy these books and colour any way you want. Not only you feel relaxed but also get a beautiful art piece in the end.

Published by Samantha Brown

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