Why Traveling Is Good for You

Why Traveling Is Good for You

Oct 7, 2021, 2:45:20 PM Life and Styles

Traveling is far more than just trying to let yourself enjoy a vacation on a sandy shore or explore a small town on the cliffs in a foreign country. Instead, it's about experiencing new people, getting to learn new languages, and finding experiences that aren't available anywhere near your home.

If you're new to travel and curious about what it can do for you, this list will scratch the surface.

Learning New Languages

Learning new languages is one of the main reasons traveling can be good for you.  Although we're taught our first language as infants, learning later can be difficult and nearly impossible.  Traveling and being immersed in the culture can allow you to learn it in a more hands-on setting.  

When you work through learning new languages, you learn to problem solve, work on memory retention, and begin to view your native tongue in a way you wouldn't have before.

Experiencing Lifestyles Different From Yours

If you only ever experience people who are exactly like you, you'll never realize that you're missing out on many things in life.  Interacting with people and cultures beyond your norm opens your horizons to be more understanding of others and possibly gain insight on misconceptions you held before you traveled.

It can take time to unlearn things you were taught growing up, but getting to meet people different from yourself, and make connections, may help you realize ways you want to change your own life.

The Chance To Meet New People

Similar to experiencing new lifestyles, traveling helps you make lifelong connections with people you may have never met where you live.  There are countless stories about people sharing eye-opening travel quotes and becoming best friends, or even falling in love with strangers they wouldn't have met otherwise.  It's not something that's guaranteed or can be planned for, but it's a perk that makes traveling even better.

Delicious Foods

We all love a delicious meal.  While you're traveling, you can get to know what the locals view as comfort foods, what your favorite local dishes are, and what you want to take home to try making in your own kitchen.

Of course, you may end up trying dishes you don't like, and it can be a learning curve to find what works for you: but don't be afraid to try things!  Trying new things can broaden your palate and possibly help you realize you like things you wouldn't have even known existed before.

It Keeps You Feeling Young for Longer

Traveling forces you to problem solve, be flexible with your plans, and get to make connections you wouldn't otherwise.  When combined, it gives you an opportunity to keep your mind sharper for longer and helps you to feel younger for longer.

Every experience can be new and interesting, and this is more commonly something that happens when you're young, doing it while you're older gives you the opportunity to enjoy living like you're in your 20s again.

Traveling isn’t the fountain of youth; it’s not going to fix everything in your life, but it can make your life far more interesting and fun.

Published by Samantha Brown

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