Why You Should Consider Triple Glazed Windows Or Doors For Your Home

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Whenever someone considers buying and comparing windows or doors, a common perception is to focus on a single component of their manufacturing. However, it is necessary to know that windows and doors aren’t just made up of one component. 

The production of high-quality windows and doors involves a complex system where various components are chosen carefully. These carefully-chosen components are then modified together in the manufacturing of windows and doors to provide great quality material with durability and superior performance. 

Generally, the main types of windows and doors that are becoming even more popular among the suppliers nowadays are the double and triple glazed windows and doors. Triple glazing is considered to be better in insulation than double glazing. Both of them consist of glass layers fitted in a door or window that prevents air or heat from escaping the room. These layers also reduce the amount of noise to travel outside or vice versa. 

Particularly, the major concerns that homeowners have in their minds are not related to the benefits but the costs that outweigh them. It’s a trickier decision for them to specify whether they would like to choose double glazing or triple glazing as the cost of triple glazing windows or doors is perceived to be 20% more than double.  

Manufacturers believe the main difference lies between the quality and comfort that triple glazed materials provide. Self-builders choose to install triple glazing windows and doors for the same reason that includes durability, sufficiency and indulgence - it’s undeniably better.  

Here’s why you must consider triple glazing materials and which things you must look for while buying a triple glazed window or door. 

What Is A Triple Glazed Window Or A Door?

As mentioned above, triple glazed windows and doors are the ones that contain several layers of glass which consists of low levels of radiant thermal energy also known as Low-E or low-emissivity. Triple glazed materials have characteristics such as high insulation performance that specifically works in colder climates. They were first produced in Sweden numerous years ago. However, many countries now develop them including the U.S, Canada, Japan, etc. 

Even though triple glazed windows and doors and a bit more costly than other material in the market, they are the ones that are being used more commonly. The Department of Energy is also focusing on expanding their use of energy efficient material by utilizing triple glazed windows under their Windows Volume Purchase Program.  

Types of Triple Glazed Windows and Doors:

Here are some most common features of triple glazed windows and doors for better classification:

  1. Triple glazed materials possess a traditional spacer between the glasses to form a better glazing gap.

  2. Triple glazed glasses use an interior U-type channel to seal both the inboard and outboard lites with glasses in the center.

  3. Triple glazed windows are heated to shrink and tighten for visible clarity from each side.

Benefits of Installing Triple Glazed Windows Or Doors

Installing triple glazed windows and doors have their own extensive benefits. 

  • Triple glazed windows are considered to be more durable than the normal or traditional windows.

  • Triple glazed doors are proven to be effective and superior in their insulation performance, especially in those areas that have extreme weather conditions.

  • In addition, triple glazed windows are highly rigid and are resistant to condensation along with reducing sound transmission.

  • The layered glass of triple glazed doors and windows provide security as it is apparently a lot thicker and harder to break.

  • Moreover, triple glazed windows and doors are astonishing at offering energy efficiency as compared to the regular or traditional windows or doors.  

  • In certain circumstances, installing windows or doors that are triple glazed are equivalent to upgrading the walls or ceilings of your house from around R-20 to R-40 under the dual density coding policy of residential areas. 

  • Triple glazed materials decreases the insertion of external heat and increases the thermal comfort inside of the house.

Furthermore, to decrease the costs and save some of the money for the long run, you must consider the installation of hollow frames while installing windows or doors in your new home as they also help in increasing the performance. This process can be used with the building orientation, and can be used in either double glazed or triple glazed category. 

Disadvantages of Installing Triple Glazed Windows Or Doors

Just like any other building material has some cons, triple glazed windows or doors can have some issues too. 

  • Triple glazed windows can sometimes create problems with their adhesiveness and the sash material that sticks them together. The reason is the heaviness of holding up individual glass panes into the existing structure of the frame in which they are fitted. 

  • Choosing the wrong frame can affect the durability of triple glazed objects. It can also add labor cost to the insulation budget if found unsuitable. 

  • To avoid the labor cost in the long run, you must focus on a few things while the installation process including the width limitations as it effects insulation when they are loose or opened. 

  • Some builders suggest that the heaviness and thickness of glass panes makes the outside portion of the door or window more condensed.  

  • As mentioned above, the cost of triple glazed windows and doors is higher than double glazed ones. For that purpose, it is considered worthy to invest in them in extremely colder climates but not in the milder climate conditions. 

What To Look For While Buying Or Comparing Triple Glazed Objects?

If you are convinced enough to go with the choice of installing triple glazed windows and doors to your home, then you must know: 

  1. It is important to have argon gas and spacer bars between the glass panels. 

  2. It should contain low emissive glass for thermal comfort

  3. How to verify the material of the center glass panel

  4. How durable and strengthful the frame is to carry the heaviness of glass

  5. How much warranty is the manufacturer offering

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