Why your business should be using WordPress

Why your business should be using WordPress

Oct 5, 2021, 2:55:31 PM Business

Businesses know that they have to have a fully functional, attractive, and relevant website to stay competitive in the modern world. A website is a shop window. It is how the customer sees you first the first time. It is where search engines send the traffic if they have typed in the relevant keywords. So everyone knows how important this aspect is. However, a lot of companies either do not have a website or have a website that is not up to scratch. Well, there is a very simple solution for these businesses, WordPress. WordPress is a great tool for building and maintaining good-looking and fully functional websites for all types of people and businesses. Here are some reasons why you should use WordPress today:

It is Easy to Use

You do not need to be a coder or understand HTML that much at all to use WordPress. The only thing you actually need is a computer that has access to the internet. It is easy to open an account in WordPress, and it is quite logical and simple to use and maintain. If you do require extra help, it is simple to get that too, with certain WordPress support agencies


There are copious amounts of themes to choose from, all embedded into the WordPress web design solutions, all there at the click of a button. They are professional looking and are suitable for a whole range of businesses.  


WordPress offers a lot of plug-ins and professional features that businesses will need to utilize. These include things such as an online shop - or eCommerce solution. This is an essential feature that can be quite difficult to create and maintain if you were to do it yourself. With WordPress, it is all included.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component of a website. Without it, your website is undiscoverable on search engines. WordPress is automatically able to provide a solution to all your SEO issues. There is even a special SEO plug-in that you can use to optimize this essential element. 


Having a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must these days. Mobile devices account for almost 55% of all website traffic, so you need a mobile-friendly site across all the different devices available. Sometimes it is difficult to get your website to look good on any device, or the functions and features do not display properly. However, many WordPress themes have this ability built-in, so you do not need t concern yourself with this aspect. 


WordPress’s resources are known as open-source, which basically means you can change it and share it. It is, therefore, free from and commercial restrictions or limitations. When you use WordPress, you can use the software in any way you see fit. You can host your website from absolutely anywhere you choose. That means you are free from any legal obligation to use it in a particular way, and you don’t have to worry that the way you use it is affecting a developer’s requirements or having an adverse effect on any business model.

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