Winter Bedroom Tips to Make It Extra Cozy

Winter Bedroom Tips to Make It Extra Cozy

Nov 5, 2020, 2:27:18 PM Viral

Winter is just around the corner, so preparing your bedroom for the cold season wouldn’t be a bad idea. “Baby, it’s cold outside!”. There is nothing more satisfying than coming home during the cold and long days if winter and curl up in your cozy bed with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. But if your bedroom looks dull, you can’t really feel cozy – you’ll need a warm atmosphere that goes along with it. Get rid of the cold and make your bedroom cozier this winter. Here are some tips to cozy up your space.

Add layers of bedding

Adding lots of layers to your bed will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling when it gets a bit cold, or you can fold them at your feet for when it’s warmer. Put on your regular sheets (cotton preferably), and then add a fleece blanket. You can add more blankets for an even warmer feel when getting in the bed. The cover will weight a few pounds, which means that it will keep you warm during the night. And you can also wear just a pajama made of thin material. 

Throw pillows and blankets

Adding extra pillows to your bed will give it a nice and warm feeling. Choose custom pillows and blankets in a fabric that match with the curtains or other colors in the room. You can mix many colorful pillows with patterns, or you can choose soft, simple cushions that will add a touch of luxury to your room. Also, make sure to switch your mattress on the warmer side, or replace it, if needed. Choose an air foam mattress for your bed, as this is a very durable type of material, with enough density, so that it provides you with good support and comfort while sleeping. 

Add textures to keep your bedroom cozy

Adding textures to your bedroom can help give it a more winter look and feel. Changing your window curtains and choosing thicker materials will help keep the cold outside your bedroom. An example of texture fabrics is linen, faux suede, or any other type of thick curtains to create a cozier atmosphere. Also, turn on the heater for a much warmer feel.

Choose warmer tones

Not only blankets and heating systems will keep you warm during winter. For a much more enjoyable and cozier feel, stick to warmer tones for your cushions, blankets, sheets, decors, curtains, and carpets. And even for your walls – don’t choose the same color for everything, just make sure that you a type of color that matches the rest of the décor and your style.

Add scented candles

Last but not least, make it smell lovely! If you’re changing your furniture, or replace it with the one that’s been in storage since last year, it’s likely to feel an odd smell in your room. When redecorating the room, spray the curtains, cushions, and sheets with a spray that has a clean and light scent. To finish the look of your room, add scented candles on your nightstands, or the windowsill – you’ll love to come back to your room and be surrounded by the lovely smelling. 

Hopefully, these tips can help you refresh your room for the winter season.

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