Working With NRPR Group — Client Reviews

Working With NRPR Group — Client Reviews

Oct 8, 2022, 4:51:23 AM Business

Public relations is used for much more than just dealing with reputational crises and management. The right PR agency can take a fledgling brand and make it a household name in a matter of months. But not all PR agencies are created equally. Brands have to choose agencies in their area with a reputation for excellence — and that’s exactly what growing agencies like NRPR Group provide.

NRPR Group is an accomplished agency based in Los Angeles that helps both startups and Fortune 500 companies become household names. With clients past and present like L.A. Comic Con, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and Legendary Foods, NRPR Group is a force to be reckoned with. 

“NRPR Group is what most people would traditionally think of as a public relations agency, but we’re that and so much more,” founder and CEO Nicole Rodrigues told Total Prestige magazine. “We’re the agency that understands that public relations, digital marketing, social media, [marketing communications], events, thought leadership, and more all play significant roles in a company’s marketing mix.

“We ignite these areas of our clients’ businesses through clear planning and cohesive messaging while strategically leading them to hit identified goals. We’re the agency that understands how to partner with CEOs, internal marketing and PR teams, and leaders within an organization to uncover the passion, vision, and differentiators that lie within any given company, and share those stories with the key audiences who matter.”

But what’s it like working with an award-winning agency? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Hear what this agency’s clients have to say about its services in their NRPR Group reviews.

Extension of Internal Resources

“Once we sign a new client, we become an extension of their internal marketing and sales teams,” says Nicole Rodrigues. NRPR Group client Eric Kaufmann echoes the sentiment in his NRPR Group review, saying, “Nicole's genius is her ability to find a light shining within a person, and bounce that light through her lens to make them shine brightly in the world. She is authentic, curious, thoughtful, methodical, and infectiously optimistic.”

NRPR Group doesn’t just work as a third-party vendor. Its PR experts become part of its clients’ teams to get more coverage for the business. For example, the agency uses its NRPR Productions arm to create branded content, commercials, and corporate videos for its clients. For startups, NRPR Group’s Biz Pro service handles everything from legal entity creation to branding. NRPR Group’s clients are never left to fend for themselves: Everything is a true collaboration where Rodrigues’ team fills in the gaps to help clients succeed.

Rachael McCrary, the CEO and founder of Gather Labs, gushes about the agency’s approach in her NRPR Group review, saying, “Nicole has a unique ability to really understand a company’s needs and help to get the message out into the world. She becomes a part of the company culture and a trusted team member and cheerleader leading to concrete results.”

Personalized Approach

“I had my Jerry Maguire moment and set out to change the industry by creating the perfect example of what an agency should look like,” Rodrigues explains, referencing Tom Cruise’s hit movie. Instead of telling clients to be patient and wait for months for a single feature, Rodrigues decided to change the game with a different approach.

High-Touch Relationships

NRPR Group clients don’t have to wonder what’s going on with their accounts. The agency’s high-touch approach means clients get personalized attention on their accounts so they can clearly see their results

“The NRPR Team helped me accomplish far more than I expected in my first year in business. Within weeks we were doing interviews and getting write-ups from publications — local and national. They are strategic and involved me in every step of the process. They really got to know me, my business, and my goals. That's what makes the world of difference for effective public relations,” says client Wesley Smoot in his NRPR Group review.

Proactive Pitching

NRPR Group actively looks for features instead of waiting for them. “Our clients will never wait around for an announcement to get coverage. Instead, we find creative opportunities in everything for hits to happen. As a result, in the entire duration of NRPR Group’s history, there has never been a month where a client has not gotten coverage,” Rodrigues explains. 

It’s an approach that’s paid off. In her NRPR Group review, client Sandy Grigsby says, “NRPR has been so attentive and thorough when working with me. I was booked on podcasts and featured in magazines so quickly I wasn’t even mentally ready for it! I thought for sure I’d have more time, but the bookings and interviews came in faster than I had expected.”

No-Blast Policy

“At NRPR Group, we have a ‘No Blast’ policy for pitching: Since the day our doors opened, every pitch has been tailored with a personal touch and reviewed by an in-house editor,” Rodrigues says. Even though NRPR Group gets fast results for its clients, it doesn’t compromise on quality. Rodrigues’ unique approach balances speed and quality, so clients get more high-quality features without the downtime. 

PR Expertise

Rodrigues has well over 21 years of experience in PR and previously worked with brands including Sony PlayStation, Hulu, Yahoo!, and more. Thanks to Rodrigues’ years of expertise, NRPR Group has solid relationships with print outlets, podcasts, influencers, bloggers, and industry media entities. 

“When I founded NRPR in 2014, I did so to fill a void in the industry that wasn't being addressed and to meaningfully disrupt the industry I love so dearly — in both practice and representation,” Rodrigues says. “I wanted to contribute my 14 years of insight, combining a traditional PR perspective with a newfound understanding of the emerging digital trends that were quickly reshaping the industry.”

NRPR Group’s eye for detail and decades of experience are turning heads: the brand has won awards from ACQ5, M&A Global, DotCom Impact, Beverly Hills Hall of Fame, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and more.

NRPR Group’s reviews glow about the agency’s expertise, too. “Nicole and the team at NRPR are exceptional PR professionals. Having worked with Nicole for over 10 years, I simply would not attempt to build a company without her,” said Shona Grundy, the COO of Exocule. 

Client Nick Desai, CEO at Renee adds, “I have worked with nine different PR firms and Nicole Rodrigues stands head and shoulders above any other firm — including those five times her size and price. To say that she’s miles ahead of the other firms is not enough. Her talent, genuine enthusiasm, and unrelenting support on behalf of her clients belie her unmatched strategic savvy, business acumen, and thoughtful approach. She has an uncanny ability to weave a genuine narrative that captures the interest of otherwise evasive, tier-one press on a sustained basis.”

NRPR Group Reviews Show a Reputation for Excellence

PR agencies are a dime a dozen in the competitive LA market, but NRPR Group’s reviews show it has a lot to offer. It’s best known for its personalized approach, expertise, and full-service offerings that grow both small and enterprise businesses. With features in Forbes and the Los Angeles Business Journal, it’s clear that NRPR Group is climbing to the top of the LA scene — and they’re just getting started.

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