Bridging the Running/Tech Gap: An App Review

Bridging the Running/Tech Gap: An App Review

Aug 22, 2016, 4:08:46 PM Sport

One of the many things I love about summer is the amount of free time I have to do whatever I please. This summer, after finishing a summer class and an internship, I welcomed running back to my life again. Running has always been my greatest love but ever since I started college three years ago, I have struggled in maintaining the balance in finding the time to run and keeping up with my school work. Long story short, after completing my first half marathon during my freshmen year of college, my running schedule has been quite inconsistent, due to my various school obligations. Aside from the Turkey Trot my family and I run every Thanksgiving, I haven’t run a half marathon since. My academic responsibilities have always taken first priority, replacing the time I have to run to studying. Although I fell off the running wagon for a good chunk of the semester, I am happy to say that I am ready to start running consistently again. The process will no doubt be a slow one, but that is something that I am coming to terms with.


    In my search to think of ways to motivate myself to start running every other day, I came across an app called Charity Miles while I was browsing through the Runner’s World website. Charity Miles is an app that tracks the miles you log, through running, walking or biking indoors or outdoors, using your smartphones GPS location. What intrigued me most about this app was that for every quarter of a mile you log in, the app will donate 25 cents to a charity that is listed on the app. So yes, if you happen to run, walk, or bike one mile, the app will donate a dollar to the charity of your choice (if it is listed on the app). The more miles you log, the more money you raise for charity. It’s a great concept and I was very excited to try it out.


    Let me start by saying that Charity Miles has not contacted me by writing this review. I am not paid or sponsored to write this review; all thoughts are my own. After downloading the app, my first impression was that the interface was easy to use and not confusing at all. When I first opened the app, I was prompted to either login with my Facebook account or create an account. I logged in using Facebook and the first thing I saw on the screen was a list of 30 or so charities that I could choose for my workout. After choosing a charity, you select an activity, the timer starts, and the workout begins. I did notice that the app must be connected to WiFi or your data plan in order to get the GPS location correct but the app doesn’t need to be connected for the entire workout, the app just has to stay open the whole time. When I run back home, I make sure to connect my phone back to the WiFi so that my workout can be saved into my profile. So far I have gone one two runs, close to three miles each, while using the app. I love using this app because not only does it motivate me to run more miles, it also makes me feel good knowing that my run has a charitable purpose. One thing worth noting is that the app doesn’t post to your Facebook profile unless you want it to. If you are curious to try this app out, visit their website. Happy running!


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