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Hi everyone! My name is Samantha, I am 31 years young, and I absolutely LOVE makeup and all things beauty related. If someone predicted three years ago that I would have my own beauty blog, I would have laughed it off and told them they were crazy! But by following my dreams—combined with a lot of hard work—I was able to develop my Glam with Sam blog through sheer passion! Fast forward to the present, and has been up and running for two years. I love, love, love reviewing my cruelty-free favorites on a regular basis. Why cruelty-free? Because bunnies have feelings, too! Do we really need to conduct animal testing on a lipstick to deem it safe? I don't think so, especially when there are so many brilliant alternatives out there.

I created my Glam with Sam blog as an outlet to express my thoughts about my makeup favorites through a format that is both fun and inspirational. I think that by emphasizing your beauty with the basics—whether  it's using mascara to make your eyes appear bigger; trying a new tube of lipstick to show off your full lips; adding some blush to accentuate your cheekbones; or applying eyeshadow to make your gorgeous eyes sparkle and pop—you’ll begin to learn that all you need is just a handful of cosmetics to create a more beautiful you. So put all of those multi-colored contouring sticks, blending sponges, and bottles of foundation away—your pores will thank you, and you’ll be amazed as your true beauty shines through! Embracing simplicity, along with a cruelty-free approach to buying makeup, will allow you to understand what real beauty is all about!

I welcome you to follow me at Glam with Sam, where I’ll teach you my fabulous makeup tips and tricks, guide you to the best in cruelty-free products, encourage you with my “love who you are” philosophy, and personally answer any questions you have—all to help you become a gorgeous glamour babe who knows that true beauty begins on the inside!

Stay beautiful! Xo

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