ELF Beautifully Bare 3 in 1 Makeup Base Review:

ELF Beautifully Bare 3 in 1 Makeup Base Review:

Jul 16, 2016, 2:37:29 AM Life and Styles

I am so diggin Flawless Friday’s now glamour babes, and I think you will too, thanks to ELF’s Beautifully Bare 3 in 1 Makeup Base, and here’s why! Just read the description below, I’m sure ELF will have you enticed by the pros of their base primer.

“Create a flawless natural look with this lightweight makeup base. Infused with Acai and Vitamins C and E, this makeup base primes the skin for long wear, and also helps brighten and refine skins appearance.”

So? Are you liking the sound of ELF’s Beautifully Bare 3 in 1 Makeup Base now?! You should, because everything that ELF describes about this primer is totally legit!

The formula is lightweight, silky, and has a nice creamy texture that literally absorbs into the skin immediately when applied.

I squeeze about 3 drops worth onto my oval foundation brush, and the creamy base covered my skin fully.

This base seems to do it all, prep, prime, blur, and smooth out imperfections flawlessly. It’s like photoshops healing wand in a tube! And, you can use all of your favorite mediums (foundation, CC cream, BB Cream, Concealer, etc), followed by highlighters, blushes, bronzer, or even finishing powders without getting all caked up! I used the Beautifully Bare Makeup Base with only a concealer stick to touch up some slight imperfections (acne scars, and a few blemishes), and can I just say my skin looked bangin!!!! I’m not giving you a bunch of bologna, I could not stop gazing at my complexion in the mirror, it was so flawless, even, silky soft, and natural looking, I could not believe my eyes. ELF’s Beautifully Bare 3 in 1 Makeup Base smoothed, brightened, and blurred out all of my imperfections consistently and effortlessly.

Do you know what else I absolutely love about this base?! Do you?! Ok, I’ll spill the beans to you, the coverage of this lightweight clear base lasts all day long! Whether you contour, strobe, thrown on a little foundation, or like to keep it clean and natural, ELF’s Beautifully Bare Base keeps it all together. I applied it on a hot muggy day much like today to see how it would hold up, and to my surprise my concealer and finishing powder combo did not melt off my face, everything was intact, which was another fun discovery about this stuff. I’m thinking that this might be the holy grail primer for summer ladies and gents. Before I forget, due to all of my excitement, there is a subtle sweet floral fragrance that is infused in ELF’s makeup base. Not to worry though, it is not over powering, and the soft rosy scent does not linger once it fully absorbs into the skin. Oh, and the best part about ELF’s Beautifully Bare 3 in 1 Makeup Base, it does not clog pores or create new breakouts, making this perfect for oily skin, and all skin types for that matter.

Would you please go online and purchase this $10 base already!!! I feel like my review doesn’t do justice, I’m so excited for ya’ll to try this phenomenal 3 in 1 base for yourselves, it’s totally worth an online shopping trip to elfcosmetics.com.

Stay Beautiful! Xo.

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