Ofra Cosmetics Summer Metallics Liquid Lipstick (Monaco, Santorini, Versailles) Trio Set Review:

Ofra Cosmetics Summer Metallics Liquid Lipstick (Monaco, Santorini, Versailles) Trio Set Review:

Aug 16, 2016, 8:45:25 PM Life and Styles

Oh, how I love receiving new makeup in the mail glamour babes, the butterflies in my stomach leave me feeling warm and fuzzy all over! And, that’s exactly what Ofra Cosmetics Summer Metallics Liquid Lipstick Trio Set gave me, a whole rush of happiness! Sigh, if only a man could produce such giddiness in me, but then what else would I dream of besides makeup?! Lol.

The Summer Metallics Trio is a limited edition set that comes with the 3 following shades:

Monaco is a glitzy pinky purple. You’ll feel more lavish than the Princess of Monaco herself when cruising around in this lavenderesque lip color.

Santorini is a vibrant hot pink. Look out! Hot child in the city riding a Vespa coming through!

Versailles is a killer metallic nude. The perfect shade to wander around Frances historic chateau, oui?!

These are a beautiful trio, and a must have I think if you love liquid metallics. The set costs $49.90, or they can be purchased separately for $19.90 if you prefer one specific shade out of the bundle. I’m sure as you are reading this you’re thinking, $20 for a liquid lipstick, no way! Think of it this way though, if you can spend $20 on an ABH matte liquid lipstick or any liquid lipstick for that matter, and it barely stays put, you minus well purchase from a company like Ofra that will give you the results you want and paid for. Am I right?! Of course I am, lol.

Ofra’s liquid lipstick formulation is super pigmented, opaque, lightweight, and creamy with a mousse like texture making them super comfortable to wear. It literally feels like you are wearing no lipstick, I love it! These lovely Summer Metallic Liquid Lipsticks apply easily, evenly, and precisely thanks to the soft doe foot wand each tube carries.

Omg, and they smell as sweet as candy like soft spun sugar, think Aquolinas Pink Sugar, yum!
Ofra is not lying when they say their liquid lipsticks are long lasting, they really are long lasting! Monaco, Santorini, and Versailles stay put all day long (8 hour wear), lips are gorgeously metallic no matter how much you eat, drink, or nosh. Just avoid the usual greasy foods and you’re good!

Be sure to follow Ofra Cosmetics on Instagram @ofracosmetics, and sign up for their newsletters to get the latest updates and new launches on makeup. Ofra’s Rodeo drive highlighter ($35.00) happens to be the newest release, use code MANNYMUA at checkout for 30% off.

Me thinks Rodeo Drive will be my next purchase (wink).
Have you tried Ofra Cosmetics?! What would you suggest I try next? Recommendations are always appreciated.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

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