Pixi Fairy Dust Favourites Review

Pixi Fairy Dust Favourites Review

Nov 5, 2016, 2:23:57 AM Life and Styles

Another great gift idea that is sure to please are Pixi's Fairy Dust Favourites glamour babes, and they won't break the bank. The stackable loose pigment tower costs only $12 and carries five shades in two different finishes; Matte Classics and Metallic Warmth. 

I own the Matte Classics, which include the following shades:

Sheer Cream

Matte Nude

Velvet Fawn

Bark Brown

Matte Black

Petra personally chose the neutral suit all shades to make life a whole lot easier on the working gal or mum when wanting to create an everyday eye enhancing flattering look, and these five hues do it beautifully! 

The loose powders are finely milled, soft, smooth, highly pigmented, opaque, are easy to apply and blend, and barely produce any shadow debris when applying to the upper and lower lids. 

For pigmented shadows, the loose powders apply much softer, almost satin like than a full on matte finish shadow. And would you know it, that's what these satin effect powders are intended to do create a soft focus finish. Well said, and simply put Petra, I'll be sure to read the back of the box next time, lol. 

Pixi's Fairy Dust Favourites are perfectly portable for those on the go. They're sleek, sturdy (plastic), and light enough to throw in your handbag, diaper bag, office drawer, car glove compartment, wherever you see fit for a touch up, if need be. They do have pretty long lasting wear. 

I wore Sheer Cream and Everlasting Fawn to a family event recently and both colors stayed put for 6 hours with no creasing or fading. How awesome is that?! 

I seriously love the fact that I can dress up my eyes again with shadows and liners thanks to Pixi Beauty, and Petra of course! 
Have you tried Pixi's Fairy Dust Favourites?! What's your take on these magnificent loose pigment powders?! I hope your thoughts will be full of whimsy and merriment! 
We gotta keep the whole holiday feel goin on here deeries, lol. 

Stay beautiful! Xo. 

Published by Samantha Malin

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