TheBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes (Dedicated and Loyal) Liquid Lipstick Review

TheBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes (Dedicated and Loyal) Liquid Lipstick Review

Sep 22, 2016, 2:50:03 AM Life and Styles

Hey glamour babes! There's someone I'd like to you meet, and he sure is swell! Meet Matte Hughes ($17) from TheBalm Cosmetics!

This lovely fella of a liquid lipstick is truly a keeper in my eyes. I mean what's not to like about Matte Hughes?! He comes in 12 charismatic shades, and I happened to fall in love with his Loyal and Dedicated side. 

Dedicated is a red berry.

Loyal is a deep red.

Long lasting (up to 8 hours or longer), light weight, comfortable to wear, vibrant, does not cake, feather, or crumble, and is easy to apply due to the ever so soft, plush doe foot wands Matte provides.

 He's the perfect gentleman when creating the perfect pout; Precise, even, beautiful, and flawless, Matte Hughes is everything a gal could ever want in a liquid lipstick. 

The sweet intoxicating scent of vanilla alone makes me weak in the knees as the cool sensation of mint sends shivers down my spine as it gently absorbs into my lips. Whhhhhhewwwww, this liquid lipstick is such a charmer, I think I need a tall glass of water to cool off, lol. 
As totally committed as we are, not all is perfect in our liquid lipstick love story. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love that Matte Hughes of mine, I truly do, but sometimes he can put a damper on my lips when it comes to dry down time during our application sessions. Not to worry though, he doesn't cling on for long, he just needs a minute and we're good to go! What can I say? My lips are that irresistible, lol. 

So? What do you goils think? Is The Balm's Meet Matte Hughes a dream or what?! I can confidently say we're made for each other. I gotta see what his other characteristics (shades) are like. Oooooooooo, just thinking about it is making my heart skip a beat!

Stay beautiful! Xo. 

Published by Samantha Malin

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