Be Bolder

Be Bolder

Mar 9, 2017, 5:00:22 PM Life and Styles

For the most part, the majority of my life has been based around just passing through. Passing through schools, countries, social groups, you name it and I’ve, almost 85% of the time, taken the ‘just passing through’ approach.


So far, it’s worked out rather decently in my life. Here’s the thing though, I don’t want to pass through this part of my life, like I have the last five years; hence, the decision to be bolder.

A lot of my comfort lies in not drawing attention to myself and not going out of my way to be heard (unless it’s something I firmly believe in, like pineapple does go on pizza.)


So, here I am, almost 21 years old and I don’t want to just be the passerby of the ‘best years’ of my life.

So no more complacency.

For me, a big step was using such a bright colour to bounce off of, but let’s be real, it does look  beautiful and vibrant. I kept it clean with this really loose, almost boho, white dress , that I got as a gift a good few years ago. I’m not 100% a dress fan – I love pants – but this dress is easy and not so intimidating.


I paired it with these really cute and simple black heels for some sophistication. A part of this be bolder thing is committing to wearing heels more casually and not as much on occasions only.

For a bit of fun I added this hat from Refinery, that I am obsessed with, and this little black, lacy, choker I stole from my mom’s jewellry box (yes, my mom is that cool.)


It’s time to explore, make mistakes, look foolish, try new things and DRAW ATTENTION TO MYSELF. I mean, after all, I’m the only me there is – that, in its self, is worth being bold for!

So why not start with a yellow wall and some black heels.

Comment below or on Instagram and Twitter @hollanderose and let me know how you’re choosing to be bolder in what you're wearing – colours or style!

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Was a laugh battling the PE wind with my brother, Jordan. Thanks for being a photographer for a day!

My Feel Good Outfit:

  • Hat - Refinery
  • Dress - Gifted to me
  • Heels - Fashion Express
  • Choker - Chinese shop surprise find

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