Christmas Day Menu

Christmas Day Menu

Whenever we think about Christmas it always involves food, especially those ‘naughty’ foods like the white chocolate scorched almonds that come out in NZ for Christmas. You spend the entire day, and weeks leading up to Christmas, eating constantly and go to bed feeling sluggish, bloated and sick.

You are still able to enjoy Christmas and enjoy food without having the aftermath of eating too much. Our Christmas menu is filled with nutritious, wholesome foods that are low in carbs, gluten free and will help you feel amazing throughout the day.

Entree: Cheese board with baked camembert, seed crackers, plum chutney and avocado chilli hummus
Main: Dukkah baked salmon with green veggies fried in coconut oil and lemon juice, carrot sumac salad and antioxidant green salad.
Dessert: Balsamic baked strawberries.
You don’t need to be slaving all day in the kitchen away from all the fun making our menu. Prep as much as you can the day before such as salads, chopping veggies, crackers, chutney and the hummus. Your day will then be spent putting together the final touches on the food and baking the salmon, veggies and strawberries.

Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks around the house when your feeling a bit peckish in-between meals such as Lime and Passionfruit Bliss Balls, a nut mixture or some seaweed chips.

Enjoy celebrating Christmas with your loved ones and surrounding yourself with positive vibes.

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Published by Samantha Northcott

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