World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day

I have felt weird about world diabetes day all day today, which is probably why I haven't been very vocal throughout the day. I've been struggling with how I should feel; happy, angry, sad, upset. 

I am not upset about having type 1 diabetes anymore. I have come to the conclusion that it has happened for a reason. I love that I can be here to support others and help others with type 1 diabetes and bring awareness to the wider community. 

My doctor calls me his 'model' diabetic whenever I go in for my doctor visits. The doctors see me on a 3-month basis when I need my a1c checked over and that's all. I don't look sick and I definitely don't act like I'm sick or let it get me down. This doesn't mean however that I am not sick. 

Diabetes can take a turn at any time for the worse. At any stage, my blood sugars could turn low and I could end up in a coma and stuck in the hospital, or the opposite can happen and I could have a high blood sugar that results in diabetic ketones in the blood and being stuck in the hospital trying to flush them out. Diabetes is a serious condition that not only I but the people that I surround myself as well have to deal with on a minute basis.

I guess I've been struggling today because I feel as though I only portray the good sides of diabetes because as of yet I have not experienced the downsides. I haven't had a low so badly that I couldn't check my own blood sugar or to deal with, and I haven't had ketones in my blood since I was diagnosed in the hospital. I've definitely had my good and bad days, and have low and high blood sugars but overall so far I have had it pretty good. I have no complications apart from three blood vessels in my right eye that need to be checked on. 

World diabetes day to me isn't about celebrating the disease but rather raising awareness on how serious type 1 diabetes can be on one's life and what exactly the disease is. If I had known more about the disease before my diagnosis maybe I could have caught it earlier and not been rushed into hospital at the last minute. 

I am just hoping that one day getting your blood sugar levels checked is a regular occurrence at your doctor visits, that we are able to distinguish the difference between type 1 and type 2, and that we can find a cure to this horrible disease. 

Peace and Love, 


Published by Samantha Northcott

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