Arthritis pain relief with massage therapy

Arthritis pain relief with massage therapy

Aug 11, 2021, 10:29:53 AM Life and Styles

Do you find it hard to climb stairs? Are your joints hurting you more than ever? Well, having difficulty in walking and climbing stairs or just doing usual regular movements is a direct indication of having arthritis. But you need not worry since we have got you covered with the best treatment procedure.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis involves pain in joints and the body. There can be a difference in the pain conditions and intensity depending upon the type of arthritis.  Rheumatoid arthritis is considered one of the most painful types.  It is an autoimmune disease. Other types of arthritis include psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

How to relieve arthritis pain with physical therapy or massage therapy?

The main target of massage therapy is to get relief from the pain associated with arthritis.  With proper exercise and massage therapy, there would be better levels of fitness.  Checking out with the best massage therapist will get the best solution. The patient should give an opinion about the symptoms and the pain associated. The massage therapist or the arthritis specialist will check the performance of joints and see how the problem needs to be solved.

Many case studies show that massage therapy can have arthritis pain relief. Thus, keeping this in mind, you must contact a relevant solution. It is essential to find a certified massage therapist who will help in providing a better solution. 

What are the goals of massage therapy?

  • The goal of massage therapy for arthritis would be to relieve pain.
  • Since there will be less mobility, another goal will be to enhance flexibility and mobility.
  • Often there would be less energy level with the patients who have arthritis. Thus, it is vital that when the massage starts, the patient should have better energy levels.
  • Since arthritis, when enhanced, will give problems like inflammation, massage therapy must provide arthritis pain relief and, at the same time, reduce inflammation.
  • Depending upon the pain, moderate or mild pressure can be applied while giving massage therapy.

What kind of massage therapies are essential for arthritis?

  • Massage therapy which involves full body massage, is a vital thing. It can have a perfect option for the patients.
  • If someone is having less pain, then there can be preventive massage treatments too.  If there is pain and if you suspect that this is arthritis, then it can give beautiful results.
  • A few types of massages are Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage and regular full body massage. You can talk with the massage specialist and speak to them about how the pain can be relieved. 
  • There can be different pressure points that the massage therapists would want to give, depending upon the condition.

Special massage for spondylitis pain and arthritis

  • There is one type of massage called lymphatic massage, which can create better results for patients who suffer from spondylitis and those who have arthritis. A specialist massage therapist will solve the problem with the best pressure points and massage therapy.  Lymphatic massage is also called detox massage.
  • Petrissage is another form of massage where the pressure points target the pain of different muscle groups.
  • There would be massage therapy also for anxiety and stress. Often stress can create problems like arthritis. Thus with special massage therapies, there will be a reduction in stress and anxiety too.
  • With the patients who have Rheumatoid arthritis, there would be deep tissue massage which can benefit.

So, there should be a proper therapist who should know relief massage therapies. 

The supplementing methods with massage therapy that can help in solving arthritis problems

  • Regular exercising: With massage therapy, the patient should also do the exercises regularly. This will help in getting rid of the pain and the movement issues.
  • Gardening: The patient should stay physically and mentally active, and for that, there should be the use of such supplementary solutions, which will target arthritis pain relief.
  • Diet: There would be a special diet that the patient with arthritis should follow.


When your doctor has diagnosed the condition, and he knows that it is arthritis, then you can contact a massage therapist.  This will help in pain relief as well as controlling anxiety. Often stress can cause the symptoms to aggravate. You must receive the relevant and the right massage therapy regularly to remove the signs.  If arthritis is not addressed at the right time, it can cause pain and muscle damage. With massage therapy, there will be a reduction in pain, and at the same time, tissue massage can provide freedom from chronic symptoms. The massage therapist will discuss the options as available with the client. Then it is up to the patient to decide what will work best for them. Keeping all these things in mind, the one needs to be taken. So, be ready to take charge of things in the right ways. This is how things will be correct.

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