10 Tips for Creating High Converting Content

High Converting Content

10 Tips for Creating High Converting Content

Mar 26, 2021, 10:23:35 AM Business

Have you ever thought that even after spending a lot of budget and energy on content, only half of the people consider it fruitful to some extent?

Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Research shows that almost 80% - 90% marketers do content marketing.

But as per the 9th Annual B2B Content Marketing report of MarketingProfs for North American Market, it was clear that only about 51% marketers consider that they are getting their return on investment from “blogs” or “content” till some point.

Here you will be thinking that why one of the vital keys used in digital marketing agencies worldwide is not working efficiently.

So in this blog we will be highlighting some flaws and suggest tips which will surely make your content convert the visitors into long lasting clients.

If you think that you are a top digital marketing creative agency, and you need to get recognized for your work and customer’s satisfaction service, before writing anything at all you must make sure these few things will be in your content.

How to create top quality content?


If you want to create content which will be bringing customers, you must know the audience and their needs first.

What are they looking for in the first place?


Now, you know your audience that wants to avail services of your digital marketing agency for their business. You must know the solution along with the planned roadmap which will lead you and your client towards their goal.

If you start writing content without having a full strategy in hand, you will not be able to create a piece worthy of catching conversions.


To me as a content marketer, the third one is the most crucial one. It is all about user experience, how your site, how your content/blog looks at a glance.

Is it eye-catching? Is it in order? Are the visuals I used supporting my content or they’re irrelevant?

If you know your audience, you know their need, you have planned the strategy and you know how you will implement this.

Originality of Content

There is a lot of data which is available online for your study and references, but that doesn’t mean you just simply rephrase it all the same.

If you try to create your own content, which will definitely require more time as compared to simply rephrasing the date which some other digital marketers has created, you will surely get the reward because the new well researched content will surely bring you some clients.

To get new ideas for your own original content you must keep an eye on market trends that experienced creative agencies adapt so in sometime you will too start comprehending things in that manner which makes it possible for our customers to trust in our capabilities.

Marketing Funnel

Digital Marketing Funnel is a process that comprises a few stages providing awareness regarding your service and bring visitors and readers on your site with help of that content.

It will help the businesses to get a clearer picture of how much they will get in ROI. Marketing Funnel is split into these three parts.

Top of the funnel – TOFU

It will focus on site which creates brand awareness.

Middle of the funnel – MOFU

It will keep the reader informed which makes the lead.

Bottom of the funnel – BOFU

It will compel the customer to avail paid services too after making them believe our competency.

Use of Headings

We used to learn back in school that headings will make your work look good which will help you secure distinction but later in high school we never paid so much attention to its purpose. Some made it cliché in Marketing Agencies but to me it does work.

Suitable headings and their placement makes it possible for the reader to get the idea what is he up to and what good will come out of this time which has been spent on that content.

Make it a Live Session

Some people think that they must differentiate in the way of writing and talking in professional life.

But it has been proven and the author of several books, a tremendous writer believes that keeping the same natural style and tone like you have in conversion convinces much better.

“Write like you talk.” – Seth Godin

In this way, you will surely think that how can it bring anything positive if we write like we talk. However, in this way you’ll focus and write from your heart. It will help you get over any communication insecurities too.

Offer More at the Right Time

Once you get the reader’s attention by keeping all his needs in mind and educating them enough so they might trust your business, use one of the most widely used tools that is Call-to-Action.

It could be asking basic information like name, email or it could be an offer to learn more.

No blog is considered complete without CTA in the digital realm. Once you get the reader hitched, entrepreneurs and startups should know that now is the time to offer something more or to collect data which could bring lead.

Value Propositions

Make sure that you will not be using fancy words to make an impressions, avoid using so many phrases. In this regard, Jill Konrath once said:

Instead of vague terms and meaningless “corporate speak,” use industry statistics, one of the most effective ways to persuade people with your value proposition.”

Instead of fancy jargons, focus on your offers and loyal services that you can provide to your customer. Let them know that these targets can be achieved with the right team, your services can help them achieve their set goals and objectives.

Make it a landing page

Most of the readers don’t finish the blog or read it word by word. What will be compelling them to stay connected is questions, urgency, and other important information. And with these you may make it possible for them to stay focused to never just write the content like a plain boring paragraph.

Make your content exclusive in the reader's sight so they might feel valued, and never miss the chance to read or learn anything which they think is limited and they might not miss the chance.


After these things you will be making sure that the content is worth representing any digital marketing creative agency in Google's SERPs.

Besides that, you will surely have to promote the content and site so it can get to the desired audience, tempting them to take the actions you want them to take.

If we face the truth without shielding our eyes, we know that content marketing is about making money. Whether for SEO, brand awareness, or lead

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