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Samiellie is a design student that has just recently graduated Westchester Community College in Westchester, New York with an Associate’s Degree in the Visual Arts. As of September 2016 she will be continuing her design education at the Fashion Institute of Technology located in New York, New York. There she will be attaining a second Associates Degree in Communication Design as well as then moving on to receive her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design while minoring in photography.
Young, witty, fun, passionate and hard working is what allows Sami to put her all into each and every project. She is passionate about helping people, especially when it comes to design and photography — allowing others to cherish their memories in a creative way.
At eighteen-years-old she had interned in the art department for the New Jersey Devils, a team apart of the National Hockey League (NHL). With that amazing experience added to her resume along with some freelance odd-jobs, this twenty-year-old girl is excited to see where this creative journey will take her.
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