12 Date Ideas for Couples On A Budget

2016, almost 2017...us young adults have survived the worst recession since the Great Depression, and I know for one I am somebody who grew up budgeting, careful not to "over-spend" because money is not something light. In today's world EVERYTHING costs money, but that does not mean that you should not get to have cute dates with your significant other, right? That is apart of being young and in love! You get to go and 'venture. Stay tuned for 12 ideas for the couples that want to be romantic without breaking the bank:

1. Nature walk/hike


Nothing is more romantic than walking through a trail enclosed by several tree, leaves changing color and the beautiful, fresh, brisk fall air. You hold hands as you are each wrapped in your flannels and sweaters. Nothing is more beautiful than hearing the sounds of deer and squirrels scurry across then when you are with the person you love.

2. In home or outdoor picnic date 


Food...food is gooooooood stuff. But what could be better than food? Food with your person? Yes! Just makes it all that much better! Grab a basket of your favorite sandwiches, snacks and beverages and walk out your door! Is it raining or you do not feel like going out? Make a picnic date on the floor in your living room. It does not matter where it is, but sharing a meal is the best date you could ask for.

3. Work Date 


Life gets busy, I know for one when I am slammed by homework nothing is more meaningful to me than when my boyfriend tells me to work on my projects while he works on his. It is quiet, you get your work done, but you also have your best friend by your side through all the accomplishments and frustration. Nothing says he cares more!

4. Movie and Cuddle Day


Movies are outrageously expensive, but there are so many re-makes in today's world, who needs to spend $11 per person for a bad movie and too expensive, overly-salted popcorn? Not me, we made that mistake a month or so ago...nothing beats the classics. Grab a couple of DVDs, some romances, a musical, some horror so you can laugh as you scream, grab a couple of snacks, some NORMALLY salted popcorn and cuddle up under your blanket for a movie night at home.

5. Art Galleries


Museums can become pricey when they do not have good student-discount prices, but art galleries are your best friends for all you art-lovers! The Chelsea Galleries in NYC, maybe some small-town galleries in your area offer some amazing pieces that make for a great show, and if not free then are at a reasonable price!

6. Drive


Sometimes you just need a vacation - am I right? Well unfortunately, because life is so busy and hotel prices can really rack up, you cannot afford to go away, time-wise or financially. So take a day trip! Drive through the mountains, have your significant other randomly choose the next turn you take and end up somewhere new. Roll your windows down, blast some good 'ole tunes and get lost for a day. 

7. Baking Day


Yummy treats, toot-sweet? I like cupcakes and brownies. Unfortunately, my boyfriend does not really know how to make them (thank goodness for directions on the box). Take a rainy day to teach your significant other how to put together some ingredients to make something delicious!

8.  Dance the Night Away


A lot of couples love going out dancing, but sometimes the best clubs are far away, which makes it kinda difficult, especially if you get hungry or thirsty while there. Take a day to turn up the tunes and slow dance or cha-cha-slide in your living room. Sometimes hopping around to a Bon Jovi song and pretending you can sing is more fun then going out and being bumped into by sweaty strangers at a night club. 

9. Sit by the waterside


Cuddling on the couch is nice, but if it is gorgeous out, why not sit by a lake or a river near you? The cool breeze that comes from sitting at the waterside makes it kind of chilly and perfect for outdoor cuddles 365-days a year.

10. Game-night


Nothing is more fun than a bit of friendly competition! Grab some Candyland or Schutes and Ladders, some snacks and have a fun night of trying to be the winner. 

11. Reading Buddies


Doing homework together is fun, but sometimes you do not have any. Well, what if you take some time to cuddle up on the couch with a warm beverage and read together, separately or aloud to one another. Traveling into somebody else's world is a lot more fun when you have somebody to discuss it with. 

12. Photo Adventures


There is a lot of interesting things around if you take the time to observe what is around you. It can be a lot of fun going out on a photography adventure together. What will you photograph? Maybe you can get a snapshot of him chasing a goose at the docks? The sky is the limit and creativity just makes it all that more fun.

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