Inspiring Your Inspiration

Inspiration. What on earth is that?! We all try to find it, even if we are not in the music or art industry. Let me tell you all this, it is extremely difficult! How on earth, with all of the centuries of work and ideas, are we now, towards the last quarter of 2016, supposed to come up with "new" material? It seems absolutely impossible. 

Being an artist, but more specifically a designer, I am supposed to think up ideas and produce them for the public. This summer, with wanting to do personal work of my own free choice I found myself struggling: now that I have time to produce whatever I want, I do not know what I want to produce. Confidence surely gets in the way. I know that I am not as amazing of a drawer as some of my peers may be, but I can draw. I can paint. I can do photography. But what?! I finally came to a solution: combining what I am good at with the art skills that I am decent at. Does that even make sense? Probably not, so let me go in depth:

I am an aspiring graphic designer, thus meaning that I love shapes, lines, color and form. But I feel as though I am not an amazing drawer. Well, what kind of drawing can I do? I can sketch, and I can use value pretty well. And the design aspects? Do not even get me started..that is my forte! So I have decided to combine the two, and in the future I will probably throw some paint in there. Who knows?

The next problem is discovering WHAT to do. Like I said, we are centuries in deep. There has been so much created in terms of art, music, writing and clothing, etc. etc. so how could you NOT "copy"? Well, you cannot. It is nearly impossible to have a "new" idea that was not already looked into by people years prior. After all, everybody is inspired by somebody or something, am I wrong? 

Here is the deal, for all you people out there that have to create or want to create, seek out what makes you happy and go from there because honestly, if you are stuck creating something that peaks no interest, you are not going to excel. Nature, sports, celebrities, food, whatever or whomever it may be let your passion for anything take over and guide you. Let your passions inspire you. Look at other creators in your field and mesh together several different techniques. Observe, watch, listen and produce. In the end, I am sure you will be extremely happy with the results. 


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