"Plus-Size" or "My Size"?

In today’s world our priorities are near and far in-between. Is it the money we all “need”? How about the fame? The amount of accessories? Followers on social media? All of it actually, but one thing that has taken society by storm is the plus-size movement.

Starting just a few decades or so back, several companies such as Torrid, Lane Bryant and others have taken initiative on trying to include “bigger” girls in their advertisements – showing that they are accepting. But are they? Each and every company sits around and judges women by their size, throwing them into the “normal” or “plus-size” categories and then throws pictures out there to show their “support.” But how many industries really enforce body positivity and loving the skin you are in? Truth is: not many.

This new revolution supported by body positive activists such as Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer, Loey Lane and more have changed the lives of women around the globe. They are helping people to realize that beauty and confidence comes in all shapes and sizes; that it is significant to close the size gap that society has enforced for decades. Everybody has confidence issues or has suffered from a lack of confidence at some given point, and now is the time where people, all different people, not just women, not just “bigger” women can see that you are worth so much and are more than just a number. Among many strong words of wisdom that plus-size model Ashley Graham has said, one of my personal favorites is the following:

A year and a half ago, I started a group called ALDA – it means 'wave' in Icelandic – with four other plus-size models. We go to schools to talk about body image acceptance, the UN wants us to do a panel discussion... Things are happening, it's exciting. Now is the time: people want to know about curvy women.

Being curvy, being anything above a size 0 is ok. If you are a size 0 or smaller or bigger it DOES NOT MATTER. You are worthy of self love. You are not “regular” you are not “plus size” instead look in the mirror, smile and say that you are you. You are YOUR size. You should not be defined by the number of your pants, but rather the quality of your heart. As this movement progresses and more companies use models of all shapes, heights, etc. hopefully we can stop judging one another based solely upon appearances. Take a stand. Stop body discrimination and if you are the person that stands in front of the mirror and loathes themselves, stop and say aloud: “I am not a small size. I am not a big size. I am MY size.”


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Jul 16, 2016, 7:48:36 PM

Thanks a bunch:)

Jul 14, 2016, 12:02:16 AM

Amen! You said it! I'm so glad to see an article like yours. You just made my night... :)

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