Swim Season Ready!

Summer has been here for almost a month, is your bikini body here? 

This is the shocking part where, without knowing you, without seeing you, I know the answer and that is YES! You are ready to beat the heat and swim your way to coolness in this outrageously humid weather. But of course, being a young woman I understand the dilemma. You want me to sit here and share with you any tips I have on how to achieve that gorgeous bikini body. You really want my tips? Surely! There is only one:

  1. PUT ON A CUTE BIKINI - put on a swimsuit that makes you feel good, beautiful, sexy and wear it to the lake, beach, pool, sprinkler system...anything or anywhere! Do what you want. It is your life, you are perfect just the way you are and nobody should scare you off from wearing an adorable two-piece suit.

Today, we live in a society in which we assume we have to look like Victoria Secret models to be "accepted" and rock the pool with our swimsuits; we believe that without this "ideal body" we cannot run, have fun, play beach volleyball or take pictures in these swimsuits with our friends, but the truth is, it is up to you to break this barrier. I know that it is very common that almost everybody is self-conscious about themselves from time-to-time, but taking slight steps such as wearing a swimsuit can help you to beat your insecurities! Do not let the fear of not looking "acceptable" keep you from living a full and happy life. There are people out there who love you for you, and your number one fan should always be yourself! So this summer, instead of sitting at the poolside in 90 degree weather wishing you could swim, put on a cute swimsuit, whatever style you want and jump in to have some fun!


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