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So for the past week or so I had been doing a lot of research, mainly because I have been trying to find what my voice as an artist is like. I know what to do when it comes to the professional work for clients (aka my professors and such) but what do I do on my own? Well, I have been looking into that a bit more and discovering some design work that I have liked doing, however a new problem emerges. I suddenly realize that it is already August -- I start my new journey studying graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) this month, just in the matter of weeks. Oh my. So thoughts start racing through my mind, I start researching more and more about graphic design to make sure I know all there is to know...and then I come across a blog produced by AIGA (the professional association for design) titled the Design Diaries. I FELL IN LOVE. I just simply had to talk about it here. I also figured that I should do my own, especially since I will be studying design more intricately over the next several months...perfect. 

Today's Design Diary produced by me will focus on the skill of drawing. 


I have been guilty of this overthinking more times than I can count. Personally, I am a good drawer, but I am nothing compared to my friend who is amazing at realism, and I laugh at myself when I attempt to draw cartoons because I am nothing like my boyfriend. Artists are people too. We all come in different shapes, sizes, figures, colors..and no I am not talking about physical appearance! I mean style, technique, the way one artist forms a line is way different than the next. As a new addition to FIT, this a completely new experience for myself - I spent the last two years at community college and I know I have grown immensely. But one of the biggest rules of being an artist that I have broken in fear of my new school is the "do not compare yourself to others." Whoops.....sorry. I am human and very much guilty of comparing my work to the next. I started thinking, well, I cannot draw so much like Friend X, she is "better" than me. I am not an artist, I will not be a great let alone a good graphic designer. What have I learned? Let me share this with you:

You do not need to be a fantastic realism drawer, nor do you need to be amazing in any way, shape or form. Graphic designers work in teams for a reason, another person's weakness may be your strength and vice versa. Being a designer is about identifying a problem, thinking about the problem, finding ways to solve that problem and then executing that solution. Being a designer is about visually representing a thought or a message. This all has to do with intense creative thinking and problem solving, NOT about how great you can draw a portrait of Ryan Gosling to post on Instagram. 

​As artists, no matter what your preferred media may be, we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to one another. It happens, but it is an obstacle we need to learn to curve or else it may stand in the way of our personal success. I know who I am, I know what my dreams are. I want to be a graphic designer, and when I do produce a project - they are good! It is possible to be a designer without being EXCEPTIONAL at drawing. That is what friends and sketchbooks are for. Designers, you do not need to be amazing at drawing, but like any other artist you need to travel with a sketchpad and pencil in hand, getting as much practice as possible. Push yourself, but do not become frustrated. And if you cannot draw something the way you want - oh well! It happens right? That is what teamwork is for, grab your friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your sibling, your parents or any peer that has the style you are looking for and have them help you! Nobody can do everything on their own. Asking for help from time-to-time does not make you a "fake" artist, a bad artist or a cheater, it makes you human. You cannot let it stand in the way of your dreams. 

Until next time, happy sketching!


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