What It Is Truly Like Being a NYC Student

What It Is Truly Like Being a NYC Student

As many of you may know, I am attending school at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. No, I am not a fashion student, but rather a designer. I absolutely LOVE it! Sure, the work is strenuous, but after only a month I feel like I have learned so much more to add to my knowledge of being a successful designer in today’s world. It gets a little difficult at times, especially because I travel to and from school, but it is completely worth it! What I have learned is that being a college student in the Big Apple is a lot different than people may expect, even without being a dorming student.

1) I have to get up SO. EARLY.

So….when do I get up for my 9am classes? 5:30 AM. Yes, am as in, in the morning. The one upside to it is that I feel as though I am post-college and traveling into the city for my job. I get to wake up, eat a nice big breakfast, get ready, put on some cute clothes, look all nice and pretty and poof! I hop on the train, rest my eyes and in an hour’s time I am in a whole different world!

2) I have become so strong….Say whaaaaaaaa?

I have become so strong guys! I can lift! Just kidding..like completely and totally kidding, but by strong I mean like a football player! In the streets of New York you must beware that people are extremely rude. They push, they shove, they yell at you, they curse, you get a couple of beggars yelling to you “F**k you dad!” when clearly, I am not their father…? It is a lot of work to get a couple blocks down the street, let alone from 42nd street to 27th and 7th ave. Ontop of it all, I have a backpack that is heavier than my 16-year-old brother and a portfolio that is longer than me. Let me tell you, I have learned to stand tall and positively walk down the streets while also shoving people so they go FLYING. Yes, I am quite impressed as well.

3) My low-income, art/college student, part-time working budget can get me a meal if I so choose.

I usually pack myself my own food for my days in the city only because I am a college student that has to pay for school stuff, textbooks and let us not talk about the horrible prices of monthly train passes (you are horrible people MTA), but of course with the constant waking up at 5:30 in the morning and staying up past 1am to finish projects gets the best of you. We are not perfect, I sure am not, and thus….I sometimes forget my food, or I pack only enough to get me through the morning. In the suburbs, a soda can cost me $2.50, a deli sandwich anywhere from 3-8 dollars oh, and let us not talk about what a salad or fruit costs. In the city, PLEASE! I can get anything I want and sometimes for way cheaper than the grocery store! Best part: they are actual food places/delis, not fast food!

4) I basically pay for education AND exercise.

Due to high prices of subway and railroad fares and the fact that my student income is not so hot, I have to reduce costs wherever and as best as I can. This means, walking from Grand Central to 27th and 7th ave instead of a 15min subway ride for $2.75 a pop! It is no big deal, now that the weather is much cooler it is quite delightful, actually. You just need the right shoes and voila! However, like I have said previously, I carry a backpack heavier than my brother, a giant portfolio case and I drag that on my back and carry it in my hand for just under 2 miles at a fast walking pace. Sounds horrible right? WRONG. It is actually quite calming, I save some pocket cash and by doing so, I even get in my weekly amount of exercising in! Who’d a thought city life would be so good?

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