5 Tips to Clean and Remove Stains from Ceramic Dinner Set in Minutes

5 Tips to Clean and Remove Stains from Ceramic Dinner Set in Minutes

When there is a family gathering or celebration in your home, what do you do? Don’t you take out dinner sets from the cupboard? Well, many people decorate their dining table to create a beautiful environment. Why not? They make guests feel special and inviting. Perhaps, dinnerware sets are the essential part of all dining tables. They help to serve, eat comfortably and present food gorgeously. They can also be the key elements of attraction in the dining area. Besides, they are made using different materials. Steel crockery set is still preferred in India. Although the modern units are stylish, colorful and vibrant, they should be handled with care. They enhance the kitchen and dining area instantly. One can also set the perfect them for the celebration by buying the right dinner sets online. 

Besides, one may find stains and left-over food particles on them after the celebration. They should be washed and cleaned. Ceramic dinner plates online are top-selling décor items in the market. Perhaps, they are timeless décor items. Also, they are durable, highly polished and rich. One can remove the different stains in many ways. So, here is a write-up that will share 5 amazing cleaning tips with you. So, continue reading the next segment!

1. Use normal soap and water- 

Worried about how to remove the stains or marks from ceramic dinner sets? Well, here is an easy and affordable tip to use. All you need to do is clean them with normal dish soap and water. Remove any sharp accessories from your fingers. They may leave scratch marks on ceramic sets. Now, with your soft hands, wash them in soapy water. Do not use hard scrubbers like a toothbrush and sponge. Allow them to dry on racks. Check the dinner set online lowest price for the season and grab exciting offers.

2. Salt and vinegar solution- 

The next method to remove any stain is using salt and vinegar solution. Take one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of vinegar and mix them in a bowl. Apply the paste to the stained areas. Wait for 10 minutes. Now, wash the plates in water. Once again, wash them with normal detergent and soap using water. Leave them to dry naturally or wipe them with soft cloth before storing them back in a cupboard or shelf. Besides, it’s easy to find the favorite dinner set price in any online stores from home. 

3. Soak them in water- 

Did you notice hard stains on the plates? Yes, thinking what method to apply for removing them? Well, just soak them in warm water mixed with a dash of gel for some time. Wait for the hard stains to become soft. Remove them using a soft brush or sponge. Do not use a knife or fork, they may damage the design and surface. People prefer dinner set online shopping as it’s the convenient and easiest way to buy trendy products. 

4. Air dry them- 

Allow the crockery set to air dry. The natural drying method is easier and time-saving than using a soft cloth or towel to dry them. If there is space available or a drying container, place them well and allow them to dry naturally. If you use a very wet cloth to wipe them, there may be water marks on them. You can also use this natural method to dry your melamine dinner set.

5. Baking soda solution for oily marks- 

Everyone uses oil in cooking as it makes food delicious. When the delicious item is served on plates or in bowls, you can see the ingredients and also oil. They remain on the plates and bowls after eating. One simple and easy solution for removing oily stains is baking soda. You need to take a soft sponge and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Now with the sponge, gently rub the plates. Wait for 5 minutes for the solution to act. Later wash them. You will find dinnerware set online in vivid colors and designs. So, explore trendy dinner plates online. 


These are some simple tips to clean and remove stains from ceramic dinner sets. Use mild detergent to clean and a soft brush to remove the stains. These sets should be washed gently and carefully. Also, they should be stored properly on shelves. They set the right dining mood, uplift the table décor and help to eat in style.

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