How A Good Study Table & Area Will Help Your Child Study Better?

How A Good Study Table & Area Will Help Your Child Study Better?

May 31, 2021, 11:01:00 AM Life and Styles

Studies and homework are an integral part of a child’s growing up years. But getting them to do it can be quite a challenge given the number of distractions they have and the excuses they can come up with. It can be double trouble especially if they do not have a place where they can peacefully study and do their homework. Irrespective of whether you live in an independent villa or a two-bedroom apartment you should create a study area with a study table like an Athena Study table from Wakefit for your child. 

Benefits of having a dedicated Study Area

The environment a child grows in can have a great effect on their life in general and their studies in particular. When they study in places that are comfortable and have very few distractions, their memory retention increases and so does productivity. Having a dedicated space has the following benefits:

  • Prevents distractions: Instead of using the kitchen table or the dining table having a study table with an ergonomic high back chair ensures that space is meant only for studies and schoolwork and prevents other types of distractions.
  • Helps to focus: A study area dedicated to homework and studies with attractive decor and aesthetics helps the mind to focus.
  • No disturbances: If your child is studying in the living room or on the dining table, there is a high likelihood of other people disturbing your child in the middle of a study session. Having a place that is meant only for studies ensures there are no such unwanted disturbances and makes the process of studying that much easier. 
  • Another major benefit of having a dedicated study area and a table is that you can have all the study supplies and accessories in one place. These can be organized neatly so that you can access what you want without having to search for needs. That also prevents the loss of time for searching for study supplies. 

Tips to Create a Good Study Space

Finding an Ideal Location

If you live in a house where there is enough space to create a separate study area then the sky is the limit. You can furnish it with bookshelves, a large study table, and an ergonomic chair, and other storage accessories. However, not all Indian homes will have that luxury of living in large spaces. Most people live in small apartments or small houses and must find a convenient area to convert into a study space. It can be a place where there is less traffic like a portion of the dining room, a part of your home office, or even a part of the kid’s bedroom. Wherever you decide to set up the study space do not choose a noisy space like the laundry room or where there are distractions. That makes the child less productive and causes more distractions. 

Are two Kids using the Space?

If you have more than two kids using the study space then there will be more room required and space has to be designed properly. That means you will need more than one desk and shelves to fulfil the space constraints. To create the best learning environment for both, each should have a dedicated area so that there are no fights and everyone is satisfied with the choices. 

Size of the Table

The size of the study table depends on the size of the study area. An adult desk will not be proper for a child as their feet do not touch the ground and that can lead to wrong posture. Though the size of the table you purchase depends on the available space, some smart choices can be made to make it more functional. A wall mount study table is a great choice if there is no floor space available or a linear no-frills Apollo Study table which occupies less space is a good option. If you have a larger room, a desk with many draws and shelves can be brought. Some options available in the market are:

  • Standard Study Tables: These are rectangular tables that may or may not have drawers and cabinets. Choosing one with cabinets and drawers helps to store accessories and your child will not outgrow it quickly.
  • Study Table with Bookshelf: These come with units to store stationery, books, etc, and is quite useful for older kids.
  • Wall Tables: These are mounted to the wall and are useful for people who do not have the luxury of space. Moreover, it can be fit into any corner of the house and makes for a convenient study space.
  • Desks with Themes: These come with interesting themes and colours and is a great way to lure your younger kids to study on their desks. Most of the kids outgrow these quickly and hence not an ideal choice for older kids. 

Use the Right Chair

Apart from having a sturdy study table, you must also look to purchase a study chair that is durable. There are many study chairs but the one that is height adjustable is ideal for kids. That ensures they sit and study using a correct posture with their feet firmly on the ground. Many study chairs also come with high, mid, or low back to accommodate the needs of the child. The swivel base gives added comfort to easily access things without having to move out of the chair. 

Remove all Digital Devices

Though all digital devices are not bad and some are a great part of the learning journey, there are many which are irrelevant while studying. While your child is studying ensure that all types of screens like the TV, laptops, mobiles, etc are removed. It has to be used under a parent’s supervision and that too only to understand concepts. Multitasking studying and social media platform means that there is less retention of the information that the child studies. 

Having a good-looking and smartly designed study area not only gives your child a dedicated learning space but also gives an opportunity to flourish in their area of interest. Many manufacturers like Wakefit have created study desks and chairs that are not only aesthetically beautiful (checkout Athena study table) but also multi-functionally fulfilling the right storage needs for a comfortable study time. 

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