5 data entry tips to save time and improve your efficiency

5 data entry tips to save time and improve your efficiency

Jun 29, 2018, 2:08:06 PM Tech and Science

Data entry is basically about recording and streamlining data into electronic forms. It includes different occupations like transcribers, clerks, electronic data processors, word processors, typists, and coders.

A number of companies deal in data entry services and hire professionals for completion of their projects. They have simplified the lengthy and tedious process of data entry. In India, companies like eDataIndia, Searchline Database Pvt Ltd, Offshore Data Entry, and others operate in this field and provide people with reliable data entry jobs. We’ve compiled certain tips and tricks that can help you in efficiently entering data in a short time. Take a look:

1.A reliable software

As data entry jobs are of various types, each have their own separate tools. Depending on the type of job, one should consider the best softwares. Most of these are free and can be searched online. For example, a transcriber can work on MS Word, or on Express Scribe. Similarly, a clerk can work on basic software’s like, word processors, spreadsheets and database. Software’s like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and technology Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) are also used by certain data entry professionals.

2.Accuracy is the key

Data entry is successful only with accuracy. As maximum data entry jobs are taken from home, one must make efforts to avoid all kinds of distractions. An expert from Searchline Database Pvt Ltd suggested that data entry remote workers should have comfortable and secluded work environment.

3.Shortcut keys

To be accurate and quick in completing data entry tasks, one should use shortcut keys. These hotkeys are majorly available in Microsoft. However, other softwares also have their own shortcuts that can make the job of data entry much easier.

4.Know your client

Obviously, each of the data entry job is carried out for a different purpose, which is specified by the client. The job will hamper if a person has any confusion about the objective, or the requirement of the client. An expert from Offshore Data Entry highlighted that one must have a thorough understanding of every minor detail to deliver the most suitable data.

5.Avoid overloading

The data entry operator should not try to achieve unrealistic targets. Data entry work has a limit that can be achieved for a particular day. An expert from Searchline Database stated that going beyond that limit will just increase pressure for the employees. This makes them weary and increases the probability of errors.

Share your experience with us in the comments section below, if the above mentioned tips have been helpful for you.


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