5 important things that a domestic violence attorney can do for you

5 important things that a domestic violence attorney can do for you

Mar 24, 2018, 12:42:33 AM Business

If you are a domestic violence victim,  you may feel insecure most of the time, probably because of the children, or because there is not enough evidence to get you out of that space and situation, or simply because you’re too scared to do something for yourself.

But you’re not alone and there are a few resources for victims. You can always count on the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, which is, as of now, partner with NFL and together they promote and offer the financial support for a hotline and other programs to help you cope with your situation. Don’t forget to call the police and let them know what happened.

You can get a domestic violence attorney and he can probably do more than you can.

In this article, we are writing a few things that he can do, that you probably can’t if you're by yourself

He’ll get you a restraining order

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you’ll need protection from your attacker. This restraining order means that your attacker is not allowed to make contact with you, even be close to you. He must keep the distance and stay away from you. If you’re still living with the abuser, getting a restraining order is a good idea, because the attacker will probably have to move out. 

He’ll file a lawsuit

A lawsuit in these cases enables the victim to recover from medical payments and all the financial loss and from pain, of course, which was caused by the abuser’s actions.

He’ll file for divorce

If the abuser also happens to be your partner, the attorney can help you get through the divorce and can get you the support you need and your part of the marital property.

He’ll help you get your children

If you also have children with your abuser, your attorney can help you get custody of your kids and the child support from the other parent.

He’ll face the abuser’s attorney and will represent you in court

The person you choose to be your domestic violence attorney will be your voice in that court. He can get important documents relevant to your case and will be on your side until the end of the whole thing. He’ll deal with your abuser’s attorney in this process to get you the protection you need.

Orange County Domestic Violence Lawyers the best when it comes to defending you. This is a very emotional situation and it might be hard for some people to get through it, especially if you’re innocent and everything is a set-up.   

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