Amazing cake ideas for special occasions

Amazing cake ideas for special occasions

Feb 28, 2017, 9:06:05 PM Life and Styles

Cakes are an amazing dessert which enhances the charm of any celebration. Initially, cakes were just a sweet savoury and associated only with Birthdays. But with the passage of time, cakes have become an essential part of any celebration. On special occasions or days, parties or small celebrations, everything is incomplete without an amazing cake.

You can choose from the amazing cake options available online or opt for a cake baked by you. But if you don’t have time for baking you can get readymade cakes delivered to your loved one or friend with the help of renowned online shops. You can also send flowers and chocolates along with the cake.

But nothing compares to the pleasure of surprising someone with a handmade cake. Even a simple cake baked with love and affection will make the person feel special. Here are some exciting cake ideas which can be baked easily at home.

  • The quintessential chocolate cake

Chocolate cakes are the top favourite and classic choice for cakes. Chocolate cakes can never go wrong with any occasion, and hence it is the most loved as well as safest bet for anyone. If you wish to surprise your love, a chocolate cake will never go wrong. You can also experiment with cocoa powder, coffee powder and cinnamon instead of chocolate for a distinct flavour.

  • The fresh fruit cake

Fruit cake is one of the best-looking cakes of all. With oodles of cream and fresh fruits in various colours makes the cake yummy as well as a visual delight that tempts everyone.

  • The Date & Plum Cake

This is known as one of the easiest cake recipes. You just need some chopped dates and plums which you need to add in the cake batter. This is a simple and delicious cake recipe.

  • The Banana cake

The banana cake is also a simple recipe which takes less than an hour of preparation. The plain cake batter needs to be mixed with mashed banana peel and cardamom for flavours. And your banana cake is ready!

  • The carrot cake

Carrot cake is a very healthy option for people who are looking to delight on a healthy cake. The grated carrot along with minimal butter and sugar-free can make for a healthy surprise for your loved one.

  • The Black Forest cake

Black forest is the yummiest cake of all which simply melts in the mouth. Though it is a little time-consuming recipe, it’s worth the efforts. You will need 2 to 3 layers of cake, oodles of cream and chocolate shavings and cherries to make this sinful tasty cake.

  • Fondant cakes

The fondant cakes are the fanciest of all. These cakes can be made only by a pro that is familiar with fondant material and other edible decor stuff. You can use a plain vanilla cake or chocolate cake and cover them with colourful fondant layers and edible decorative items like flowers and pearls.

You can easily get your favourite cake delivery on the same day of booking with the help of online cake shops.


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