Are you using a water pipe instead of a dry pipe? Here are the top reasons why you should

Are you using a water pipe instead of a dry pipe? Here are the top reasons why you should

Nov 9, 2017, 1:55:13 AM Life and Styles

Not everyone likes the idea of using a water pipe in order to smoke, but most people don’t really know what kind of differences there are between the options of smoking from a water pipe or a regular dry pipe. Here, we will concentrate on showing the differences between the two and how smoking from a water pipe can be highly beneficial for anyone.

Ease of usage

New and old smokers alike might find it a lot easier to smoke from a water pipe than a regular dry pipe because the smoke is a lot smoother. This is due to the bubbles that the water pipe produces when the user is inhaling.  Ultimately, your throat will have a much easier time dealing with the smoke.

It’s cleaner and safer

When you heat up the water that goes into the pipe, it will act as a cleanser as well. It will help kill off a lot of bacteria which otherwise would have ended up in your system. Serious conditions like bronchitis can be developed from inhaling bacteria and overall not using a clean enough medium for your smoking. Water pipes offer the advantage of being cleaner due to the water. If you’re worried about the water being heated, don’t worry, as you can use cool water to cool it down.

Reduces the risk of your burning yourself

When you smoke from a dry medium, you run the risk of burning your mouth, simply because the smoke is too hot. However, when it first passes through the water in a water pipe, it becomes something different and now the smoke is combined with moisture that wouldn’t be present in a dry environment. This makes it a lot harder for you to actually burn your mouth.

A more powerful medium

The glass pipe is a powerful medium which will allow you to inhale a lot more in one go. This means that you have to be careful not to overuse it, and to only use it in moderation. Ultimately, it can be great for those that want to get the most out of what they’re smoking but also for beginners which need help with getting used to the process. This will help them get a far richer experience. With dry pipes, it’s very common for beginners to waste a lot of what they’re smoking because their technique is not yet fully developed.

In conclusion, water pipes might surprise you with their utility and perks. So the next time you find yourself on SmokeCartel, make sure to check out some water pipes as well, as you might find your new favorite smoking device.

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