First Permanent Catering Exhibition to Open in Bristol

The first ever permanent exhibition centre for the hospitality industry has been built in Bristol. The National Catering Exhibition Centre (NCEC) was officially opened on 19th September, 2017. This was an important landmark in the history of the industry.

The National Catering Exhibition Centre (NCEC) will be the place where different kinds of commercial catering supplies will be displayed. These exhibits will be from numerous companies all over the UK. It will be an appropriate venue for these suppliers to showcase their products to enhance their brand.

An Avenue for Networking

The exhibition centre will attract numerous professionals from the
hospitality industry, which is the fourth largest employer in the UK. This will provide the right avenue for workers in the industry to network with each other. It will also be the appropriate place to visit for people who want to establish contacts with the industry professionals. In addition, it will serve as a place for others to come and learn about the hospitality business.

Various Exhibits on Display

There will be a development chef, Dean Starling, based at NCEC. He will help visitors by giving them the required information on various catering appliances on display. These commercial catering supplies will include those available from sites such as He will also provide ideas for menus and will be in charge of the catering services at the exhibition centre.

A Place to Call Home

According to the manager of the exhibition centre, Laura Clarkson, the opening of NCEC is vital to the catering industry. She is of the view that as other industries have a specific place as their base, it is a good thing that the hospitality industry now has a place it can call home. She believes the exhibition centre will be the place where all industry workers would like to visit. She also said the fact that visitors will have access to the appliances and see how they work will add to their overall experience.

The National Catering Exhibition Centre will be the place for organisations within the hospitality industry to showcase their equipment. It will serve as an avenue for networking for industry workers. In addition, catering services will be provided by a development chef at the centre. The NCEC is now the place the catering industry can call home.

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