Is There A Sure Shot Way To Cure Diabetes Type 1 Completely?

Is There A Sure Shot Way To Cure Diabetes Type 1 Completely?

A lot of scientists and pharmacists are thriving to find a permanent cure for type 1 Diabetes. This one breakthrough journey has been through a lot number of positive experiments as well as disappointments. One good solution for generating insulin naturally in the pancreas is still an unsolved mystery. However, antibiotics production companies are still on the research phase in making medicinal remedies that can completely cure this Type 1 diabetes.

However, let us keep our fingers crossed and hope to see one final remedy which is affordable and simple to be procured for curing every patient facing this unwanted disease.

The researches have shown it

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have recently claimed that type 1 diabetes cure found. A recent CNBC article suggests that an implantable device is found by their scientists which can protect the insulin producing cells in the body for a period of 6 months. In this period, no other attack on them can harm or destroy them. So they do their job and hence keep the person wearing it safe from Diabetes Type 1. Hence, if such a device is made available to all diabetics, then we can save so many lives in all around the world and so it would be a benchmark in the history of medical science.

Even pregnant woman gets diabetes for short term due to ahormonal disturbance in pregnancy periods. At times, if blood sugar levels shoot up, she might face a situation of miscarriage or damage to thebaby fetus. This device discovery would be a boon for them.

Another new discovery which is quite popular is via stem cells. We all have known now about stem cells as mostly 90% of the parents or newly formed parents preserve the umbilical cord of their newly born with good stem cell banks thinking for a brighter health future of their family. It’s a very well known concept where thestudy is going on tremendously on stem cells. These stem cells are claimed to be magical and can heal any deadly disease in near future as per current scientist’s reading. Grandparents and family members can be treated for any health issues with the stem cells of their grand children. This practice is common now and we all are waiting for that one day when news would pop up and doctors start treating our dear parents to free them from Diabetes Type 1.

The therapy to cure Type 1 Diabetes

T-regs therapy is third heard thenews that is a newly tested therapy in which a number of cells are replaced with an infinite number of immune cells which will make your body free from Diabetes Type 1 and hence help your body to make its insulin on its own. Hopefully, this therapy succeeds in all its trials and we get a complete cure diabetes type 1.

Besides the above scientific experiments which are going on, some natural substances are even considered to help in preventing diabetes Type 1 if you are about to be diabetic but not yet prescribed.

Above are some ways which are being worked out for all of you dear diabetes. Hope to see that game changer in our lives soon!

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