Preparing Your House for Your Aging Dachshund: Some Tips

Preparing Your House for Your Aging Dachshund: Some Tips

Jul 24, 2018, 1:41:09 PM Life and Styles

Whether you are thinking of getting home a senior dog or your own pet dog is growing old, it's important to prepare your home for it. One thing you will have to keep in mind is that senior dog’s need much more care and attention than other dogs do. Hence, the arrangement of things in your house will also have to be a little different and carefully planned. This is important if you want to offer your dog a happy stay in your pad.

But what is a senior dog? Well, it is a dog in its last quarter of life. If it is a large dog that you are going to bring home, then a dog of age 6 can also be considered a senior dog. In case, your dog is small like a dachshund; you cannot consider it senior until it is 10 to 12 years old. But no matter how big or small your dog is; if it is a senior dog, it is going to have different needs than a younger dog.

Although you can start preparing the house for your dog after its arrival, for making things easier for your dog as well as yourself, you should prepare your house even before your dog makes an entry into it. Here are the things that you need to do before you welcome a senior dog. Have a look-

  • The first and most important thing to decide on is where your dog is going to sleep. An important thing that you'll have to bear in mind is that senior dogs might have continence issues. And that is why you should make it sleep in a crate or in the house itself on a smooth hard floor, where it would be easier for you to clean up any miss. Since senior dogs might also face problems of joints, you might like to have an orthopaedic bed for it. And in case, you are thinking of letting the dog sleep with you in your own bed, then do make sure that it doesn't hop on to the bed directly. Facilitate his getting onto the bed by arranging for a ramp for it to walk on.
  • The second important aspect to plan is what your dog does when will you will not be around. A senior dog does not just have continence issues, but it also sometimes suffers from anxiety and other problems. On a lot of occasions, a senior dog can be extremely destructive. In such a scenario, you cannot leave it alone in the house with no one to watch over it. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have brought the dog home only recently. Whether you are going to leave it with your neighbour, your friend or in your room, an exercise pen, the yard or a crate depends completely on you. So, decide on this aspect carefully.
  • You will also have to plan his daily routine. For a dog to be healthy happy and fit, it will have to have a routine. Interestingly, this routine is much more important for senior dogs. Senior dogs do not like to spend their day haphazardly or on whim. The like to know when they are going to be fed, trained or left home alone. And that is why it is important for you to set a routine and then make your dog follow it from day one. And if possible, make sure the routine of your dog on weekends doesn't deviate too much from its weekday routine. For instance, if your dog is used to going for a walk at 7 in the morning, it will be extremely confused and upset on days when that fails to materialize. An important thing that you should be keeping in mind is that dogs prefer to pass stools immediately after eating. And that is why it is not advisable that you feed him immediately before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • When it comes to preparing a house for your senior dog, don't forget about the stairs. It could be extremely difficult for a senior dog to climb up stairs and then they descend them. If it happens to fall down from the stairs, then its joint pain might get aggravated. If you think your dog doesn't need to go up or down the stairs, then don’t hesitate to block it for it. You can buy baby gates even before your dog arrives so that it knows what its owner doesn't want it to do.
  • Dogs love to relax when they are doing nothing. And when it comes to relaxing, sofas and beds are their favourite places. But sadly, sofas and beds are high places for your senior dogs. But in case, you do not want to deprive your dog from its favourite resting places, then you can make use of a ramp so that it can walk up to do the bed or the sofa comfortably, without your assistance. Also, make sure you help it get up and down the car. Remember, your dog has aged, and it is not too fond of hopping around places. It might also be difficult for your dog to climb the front stairs of your house. So, try to make this job comfortable for your dog by either physically helping it get up and down or using a ramp as a facilitator. After all, your short haired miniature daschund is too adorable to be put into any kind of trouble.
  • Make sure you have some important products in your house before your dog begins to stay with you. Wondering what these products are? Well, you will need an Orthopaedic or a heated bed, a raised feeder, and potty pads or diapers. You can also get pill pockets and a medical alert tag for your dog is it is suffering from some ailment.

Remember what a hard time you had finding purebred daschund puppies for sale? Well, don't ignore your dog just because he has aged now.


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