The Job Profile Of A Web Designer

The Job Profile Of A Web Designer

Nov 16, 2017, 4:48:20 PM Business

A career as a web designer combines creativity with technology. Using their creative skills, designers produce websites bespoke to customers' requirements. A web designer is actively involved in the technical aspects of the pages and evaluating how well a website works. They might also be employed to maintain existing sites.

Web designers and developers perform different duties, with developers undertaking more complex duties including creating search engines and optimising websites for mobile use. Designers ensure the sites work well on all platforms by testing them.


Duties depend on the skill level required and the organisation for which the designers work. Web designers have many responsibilities, including:

-Liaising with clients to identify their needs
-Creating bespoke website specifications
-Designing sample pages and text fonts
-Presenting design ideas to clients
-SEO optimising and domain hosting
-Coding and working with a range of content management systems
-Working to legislation and meeting Freedom of Information standards
-Ensuring content is correct and making changes if necessary
-De-bugging code and redesigning web pages
-Testing the website and making appropriate changes
-Technical support during development and post-sale
-Providing training for the client's staff
-Keeping up with changing design trends
-Continuous training to keep up with software developments

With the internet becoming the first stop for potential clients, web design is more valuable now than ever.

Businesses that need websites with many features can access the services of a web development company in London. Specialists like Redsnapper have years of experience in web development.

Opportunities for Web Designers

Salaries for web designers begin at £18,000 to £24,000, and with experience, this can increase to £40,000. Senior designers can earn over £40,000, and wages in London are often higher. Those who keep up-to-date with software developments move into senior roles at a quicker rate.

Life as a Web Designer

Web design has been a male-dominated field, but more women are becoming interested in the role. London is the top location for jobs, but Manchester and the south-east also offer good prospects. Jobs that require spending a long time at a keyboard require regular breaks to prevent eye and back problems.

Becoming a web designer is an enjoyable and varied job offering a wide range of opportunities. With practice and the right experience, designers can have promising careers.

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