Trends That Are Shaping the Way We Learn

Trends That Are Shaping the Way We Learn

Dec 22, 2017, 2:05:19 AM Life and Styles

This is the 21st century and drastic changes have paved their way in almost every sector including the education field. Most of these trends are associated with the dawn of digitization in the global learning platform.

Earlier, digital learning was not a common part of Indian education system. However, over the years, e-Learning has evolved rapidly and today there is no doubt that a significant number of students are utilising this platform efficiently to enhance their learning experience.

Whether it is a small child learning rhymes through online videos or a NEET aspirant taking NEET online coaching through tablet learning offered by Aakash iTutor, you can see the presence modern trends in learning at every stage. In this article, we are going to dive through some of these trends that are shaping the way we learn in this new age.

  • The Digital Classrooms

The introduction of digital classrooms or you can say the ‘smart’ classrooms in schools, is a way to keep up with the tech-savvy students. Some of the products that make up a digital classroom are LED blackboards, projector, digital slates, etc.This advancement in technology not only helps the students in learning the concepts visually but also assists teachers in making their sessions friendly and interactive.

  • Online Learning

The new trends are not just limited to the four walls of the school but venture beyond that. One of the best ways is to see how online coaching has provided excellent learning to the young aspirants of competitive exams like NEET and JEE. Many renowned institutes like Aakash Institute have introduced online coaching platforms. For instance, their NEET online coaching has proved to be a great option for the students who are not able to join coaching classes due to various reasons. Depending on their choices, students can choose different modes of learning varying from USB Learning, Tablet Learning and Online Learning. Through such online coaching, the students can learn via video lectures, online test series, quizzes and many other digital offerings.

  • Interactive Sessions

When technology blends with learning,a classroom turns into interactive session with students as well as teachers involving in brainstorming discussions. There are many online live platforms where experts teach numerous students. During these sessions, students can ask their doubts from the experts via online chat and get the solutions immediately. This method proves to be a good way for introvert students who feel hesitation in asking their doubts in a class. Here they can easily ask the teachers about the issues they are facing and get the answers quickly.

  • New Age Books

New age books or in simple words, eBooks have also emerged as a popular trend not just among students but for everyone who has a passion for learning. These eBooks are easy to carry and never get old. Be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can read your eBooks through any of these electronic devices. Not only has this, but eBooks also help in saving paper.

Creativity and learning go hand-in-hand and looking at the way these trends have been innovatively improving the learning system, there is no doubt that these will turn out to be one of the best initiatives in the education sectors.

As compared to the traditional classroom teaching, these technologically new ways attract the students and fuel their passion towards learning and understanding the concepts in an effective manner. Therefore, embracing these trends and using them in the right manner is what we need to do for a better and educated tomorrow. 

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