Two Delicious Mutton Recipes

Two Delicious Mutton Recipes

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Basically, Mutton and Lamb dishes are a delicious treat to any non-vegetarian food lover. The basic roasted leg of lamb as well as exotic dishes - all of them are just irresistible. The cooking techniques and ingredients are different in different dishes that are responsible for their unique taste.

There are various mutton curry recipes that are cooked in the whole world. In Kashmiri cuisine, the most notable ingredient is mutton. It is associated with over 30 varieties as well as it has been strongly influenced by the cuisines of North Indian plains, Central Asian, and Persia. The authentic Indian technique is the best for preparing Mutton or Lamb curry. The curries are rich, delicious, and finger-licking.

Some Tips for Cooking Mutton

  • Most of the mutton curries require slow cooking as well as on low heat in order to maintain its juices, wetness, and tenderness. Meet require to very first cooked (above high temperature) in order to seal juices after which has cooked on low heat until becomes soft.
  • Salt is an important factor for cooking meat. Don’t include salt to the meat before its cooking. Salt takes out the juices from the meat as well as prevents browning. Salt should be added in the middle of the cooking.
  • Younger animal’s mutton is soft as well as is more enjoyable. It is associated with pink colour, gentle texture, and firm. If it looks red and wrinkled, then it will be hard.

Mutton recipes can perfectly go with mutton biryani, Pulao, romali rotis, as well as naan. The famous mutton dishes are Bhuna Mutton (Bhuna Gosht), Achar Gosht, Mutton Shorba, Kakori Kebab, Shahi Kurma, Rogan Josh, Mutton paya, Shammi Kebab and so on. Mutton dishes are part of a number of celebrations. Two popular mutton recipe is as follows:

  • Mutton Rogan Josh: It is a delicious recipe from the Kashmiri cuisine that can be distinguished by its aromatic, thick, flavourful red sauce as well as tender meat. The particular dish is traditionally associated with the lamb or goat meat that should be slow cooked in a mix of yogurt as well as a balance of many flavourful spices. It is a hugely popular dish and since Kashmiri chillies are not easily available, there are various versions has been introduced where tomatoes, saffron, and other types of chillies or paprika is used in order to achieve the red colour of Rogan Josh. It is best paired with freshly baked naan or basmati rice.
  • Mutton Sambar: It is an awesome dish that made with a number of mutton pieces with bones, spices, and channa dal. These all together give this recipe a wholesome texture and taste. Sambar is a popular traditional and very common South Indian dish that is prepared with various vegetables. The Mutton Sambar is a very common to the dish, namely Mutton Dalcha (a very popular dish from the Hyderabadi cuisine). This is an amazing aromatic, fantastic, and appetizing dish that goes well with fried rice, biryani, plain rice, chapatti, naan or roti.

Yogurt gravy is one of the most compatible companions of mutton dishes, so it is preferred in most of the mutton dishes. Mutton Rara, Mutton Fry, Mutton Biryani, Gongura Mutton, Meat Durbari, Keema Mattar, Lal Maas, Harissa are some other popular mutton dishes.  

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