Uses of Personality Tests in Hiring

Uses of Personality Tests in Hiring

Aug 31, 2017, 3:04:04 PM Business

Personality tests for employees may not be that new but in the modern world, where job vacancies attract thousands of applicants, they serve a great function of screening candidates as well as finding the right fit for a job.

Why personality tests? Traditionally candidates were chosen for their I. Q. (IntelligenceQuotient). But this factor was identified as only one element of evaluating candidates. A new concept called as E.Q . (Emotional Quotient) was proposed by John Mayer and Peter Salovey in 1990.

EQ covers a wide range of tests of personality of a candidate. Employees who have high E.Q. have more likelihood for empathizing with  members of their team, staying calm under pressure, admitting and learning from their mistakes, receiving criticism and showing grace under pressure.

There are manypersonalitytests out there. Most reputed ones like Hogan assessment or Myers-Briggs Indicator of Type are all different from one another. They use different methods to test employment personality.

Personality tests serve the important function of complementing other methods of hiring like interview and aptitude tests. Hence they must not be used as a standalone method for recruitment.

In general, personality tests measure five dimensions of personality of an individual: emotional stability, extroversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience and agreeableness. But an interview or recruitment process must also consider voice tone, body language, future goals and previous experience.


  • If personality test is conducted before interview, they help in narrowing down list of candidates. They give an insight into personality and caliber of candidates and help employers decide which candidates to invite for the stage of interview.
  • The tests can also aid employers in judging what questions to ask candidates in the stage of interview.
  • Because of the limited time available in the selection process, skills and abilities of candidates can often be missed by scanning resume or holding a face to face interview. But a personality test provides a deeper insight into the potential of a candidate to fit into your company’s work culture.
  • If employees possess traits similar to the remaining workforce, there are better chances of easy adjustment and reduced turnover.
  • These test can also help you judge the inter-personal skills of candidates to fit in and interact with team members.

Tips for Hiring

  • Pick the best personality test: There are hundreds of personality tests out there. But you must pick the ones that suit the company and the nature of the job role. You will surely not desire to hire someone without using reliable and valid tests. But always remember that personality tests must not be the only criteria for selection but must supplement other methods
  • Combine the personalitytests with methods of interview: With regard to personality tests, some candidates may do some truth twisting to please employers. Instead you can personalize an interview process using results of psychometric tests.
  • Hire wisely: Some  bad hires are not because of hiring the wrong person but hiring one that is a misfit in the team or the company culture. Personality tests can provide insight into job fit, employee relations, team fit etc.
  • Get high ROI: Psychometric or personality tests will provide great Return on Investment.

These are some of the uses of personality assessment test for employment.

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