Why Getting a Facelift Sooner than Later Is a Better Choice

Why Getting a Facelift Sooner than Later Is a Better Choice

Jun 6, 2017, 2:16:06 PM Life and Styles

Eventually, aging is something that we all experience. As we age, the effects can take a toll on our face and looks, for some it’s earlier than expected. With aging comes the drooping of the face skin, and sagging. For most people, a facelift in Atlanta is the right method to address multiple signs of aging. However, with other alternatives available out there, it becomes difficult to know exactly when the right time is for a facelift.

If you are wondering whether you are too young to opt for this surgery, it may be a good indication that it’s now the right time to begin exploring some options. Keep in mind that a well-executed facelift can help patients (even as young as 40) to turn back time and maintain a youthful, refined appearance. Here are some reasons why reasons why starting sooner or earlier can benefit you.

1.     The Procedure Can Cost Less

Choosing a facelift surgery sooner can ensure the cost of the procedure reduces because you will not need to alter many areas in the beginning. When you start at a younger age, you can avoid the need for additional surgeries that may be necessary if you end up waiting for a later time.

2.     Faster Healing

When you choose this surgical procedure from experienced professionals such as Crispin Plastic Surgery, your face can have enough time to heal quicker and better. Often, with any plastic or cosmetic surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggest that it is best to opt for a facelift at a younger age as you will have an easier and faster time of recovery. The younger your skin, the sooner your body will be able to heal itself.

3.     Preserves the Structure of Your Face

An early facelift surgery can have dramatic effects on your skin and slow down the aging process, as well as preserve the structure of your face. Some people choose this surgical procedure as a preventative measure before the final signs of aging come along.

4.     Support Mechanism

When you start a facelift surgery at a younger age, the tissues and the muscles in your face can help by acting as support mechanisms. At an older age, your face may lack the extra support needed for a successful surgery.

How Long Does the Result of a Facelift Last?

Know that every person is different. As you age, the natural skin elasticity of your face will change. Sometimes, factors like stress or smoking can also affect your skin, and how well you are able to take care of your skin has a link to how long the results of the facelift will last. If you are young when you go for a facelift and follow a good skin care regimen, you can expect the results to last longer than the one on an older patient who smokes or never wears some sunscreen.

Definitely, the plastic surgeon you choose will also have an impact on how well your facelift surgery results will last. An experienced plastic surgeon will use some techniques that can help the tissues to stay lifted for a longer time, helping you to continue looking good as you age, no matter if you choose to have another facelift procedure.

Typically, patients who seek a facelift surgery are happy with their result for as much as 7-10 years and sometimes even longer. At that point, their skin may start to sag, or droop and look noticeably older, pushing them to maintain their youthful look and opt for a secondary facelift. Some conscious patients may also want a mini-facelift to touch up affected areas within a 5-year period.

You Get More Options When You Start Early

When you take a proactive approach to treating the early signs of aging, you get a wider range of choices, ensuring that you get excellent results with a less costly plan of treatment. If you are bothered about early wrinkles around your neck and cheeks, a mini facelift can help to work on those areas. With smaller incisions and less downtime than the one that comes with a full facelift surgery, a mini facelift can still help you look younger for more years to come. It even helps to postpone your need to go for future treatments.

When to Consider a Revision Facelift Surgery

Whether you need a revisionary or secondary, facelift depends on a number of factors. Usually, this depends on if you aren’t happy with your looks in the mirror. However, if any of these describe you, then it could be the time to consult an experienced surgeon again.

  • Wrinkles are back and you aren’t happy with your appearance
  • You wear scarves to hide your neck
  • You aren’t satisfied with your first facelift

If you feel that now is the right time to have a facelift surgery, it is a good idea to sit down and discuss with your plastic surgeon in Atlanta. With different options available for you, together you can both develop the proper treatment plan for the perfect look you desire. 

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