Why Private Jet Charters are Becoming More Popular

Why Private Jet Charters are Becoming More Popular

Sep 26, 2017, 8:16:17 PM Business

Private jets have always been associated with the rich, famous and elite. However, in recent years there’s been a major shift, with more people than ever before choosing to fly by private jet over commercial airlines. They’re no longer as unattainable as they once were. So, what’s behind the rise of private jet charters and why are they becoming more popular?


The main reason private jets were once solely associated with the rich, famous and elite was because of the cost of renting or buying one. While private jets are still very much out of most people’s price range when it comes to buying, they have become a lot more affordable to charter.

This is because more smaller airlines have been set up throughout the country and they’re able to offer much more competitive prices. Private jet charters will unlikely ever be considered cheap, but there’s ways to make them more affordable; especially for the business traveller.

Empty leg seats are especially popular with travellers for their low, affordable prices. You’ll find many private jet charter companies such as VistaJet offer great priced empty leg seats.

The standard of travel

While affordability has certainly been a main factor in the rising popularity of the private jet, it’s not the only thing drawing people in to this luxurious form of travel. You only need to look at the news to see why private jets are trumping commercial flights.

Commercial airlines have started to develop a really negative reputation. Ryanair has most recently been in the news due to its roster crisis which saw major disruption to journeys for approximately 315,000 people. Other major airlines have hit the headlines earlier in the year for forcing passengers off planes, banning electronics and one woman was even given an extensive, intrusive search simply because she was wearing a panty liner.

These events have understandably caused passengers to start looking into other options. Private jet charters provide privacy, comfort, faster travel and they don’t require the same level of security. So, passengers don’t need to wait 2 hours to board the plane. They can turn up, check in, board the plane and set off on their travels within just 20 minutes.

Private jet charters offer a much more luxurious travel experience too. They’re a lot more comfortable and provide more of a stress-free flight. This makes them especially great for business passengers. The quieter, more luxurious interior enables business passengers to work or simply relax while they’re in the air. This means they arrive at their destination feeling much more relaxed and ready for business.

Overall, there’s numerous reasons why private jet charters are becoming more popular. The above are just some of the main reasons there’s been a surge in private jet travel in recent years.  

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