5 Tips For To Properly Clean Dog Ears 2018

Dun, Dun, Duuuuun! That’s right we are talking about ear cleaning today. From stinky to rancid to chasing down your ball of fluff like your Frankenstein’s monster it’s never a fun time when it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears.

Some dogs get lucky and never have a problem. Well, really they can thank their genetics because they are blessed with pointed ears. Other dogs, like those little flappy wrinkle-filled hounds, are notorious for smelly ears and ear infections. That’s why we’ve got 5 great tips for making the whole process a lot more enjoyable and way less of a nightmare!

1. Get Your Tools Altogether

First, thing first is you should get all your tools ready for the job. This includes your ear cleaning solution created for dogs, some tasty treats, a couple towels and cotton swabs (no Q-tips), and a positive happy voice. That last one can be easily forgotten, but it’s important. Dog’s ears are sensitive and can you imagine if someone forced to water down your ear? So try and understand their reasons as you wrestle them down.

2. Location, Location, Location

Next, choose a comfortable location. Your pup may hate baths, but if they are comfortable being in the bathroom with the door shut then go for it. Also, make sure you have everything you need within reach. If your pup has a particularly bad build up, you’ll want to watch for when they swing their ears as it can go flying out. Maybe the bathtub is a better idea even if they hate bath time.

3. Getting Down and Dirty

You’ll want to read the instructions that come with your ear cleaning solution, but they are all pretty much applied in the same way. You’ll want to hold the ear flap up and look to see where the ear canal is located, then just barely place the bottle, silicone tip, syringe, etc. in the ear canal. Just enough to make sure the liquid goes in.


As with humans, you want to make sure you never insert anything deep or even close to deep in the ear canal. This is especially important to remember for dogs who are prone to shaking and moving their head.

4. Removing The Buildup

After applying you’ll want to gently massage the ear, and have a tissue handy to catch any debris. Remember, be careful if they shake! You do not want that brown gunt flying at your face, so make sure you have a towel to . . . block. If you’re still seeing a lot of brown gunt after one application then feel free to apply it again. It’s usually advised stop after two applications per ear, and if you’re still seeing a lot of brown stuff then wait a couple days before applying again. As always make sure to read the instructions on the back of the ear cleaning solution.

5. A Breakdown in Cooperation

If your pup isn’t having it or runs from the sight of the bottle alone then take a cotton swab and saturate it with the solution. Just gently place into the ear (not the canal) and gently massage. You may find sprays safer if they are struggling a lot.  

6. Bonus Tip - How to Find The Best Ear Cleaning Solution

For cleaning solution that ranges from sprays to syringes that easily fit into the ear check out ear care by Innovetpet. You’ll also find additional information on the best cleaning methods located on the product pages as well as on their blog.

I wish you all the best luck in your next ear cleaning endeavor and hope your pup’s ears are porcelain clean and your face and walls remain unscathed.


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