Stops, Starts and Struggles

Stops, Starts and Struggles

On the farm there are many stops, starts and struggles. At the moment we have just started calving and spring is approaching fast. The beauty of baby calves and spring time is our reward for the pain of having to rise early again for with calving time comes the stopping of long dark winter sleep in’s. 

Spring herald’s not only new animal life but also new plant life and so the planting begins. Seeds sown into sweet smelling earth, hands dirty with life giving soil these things are both therapeutic and nourishing to the soul. One of the things I love most about planting food crops is the knowledge that I will be feeding my family clean, nourishing food that I have both grown myself and cooked myself. In a world where cooking is often outsourced to another company I see the progression from seed through to plant and then in the end into a meal on a plate. There is a great sense of accomplishment in that.

I love the sights and sounds of early spring, birds get louder in their songs, and they flit around showing of their beautiful feathers to whoever is observing them. Rabbits and hares come out of winter hiding and can be seen playing in the green grass of the paddocks.

Among these stops and starts there are struggles in spring, a weary body from long days on the farm with calves and cows needing a lot of attention.  And hands that blister ever so slightly from the long hours in the garden.

But those things are fleeting and soon a weary body is conditioned to the work and  the garden is prepared.

What are you up to in the lead up to spring or fall? Do you plant a garden or start projects at this time of year?



Published by Sandy Butler


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